4 facial care mistakes

Facial skin care is the basis for a good appearance, and what comes with it – an element of well-being. In every field, including this one, there are so-called myths circulating. Repeated by colleagues, friends, family, written by incompetent people on the Internet whose information no one checks. People who are taking their first steps into the world of conscious care can be fooled and even hurt themselves in the process.

Makeup removal

Eye makeup removal

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s so common that we’ll explain again: makeup remover products are designed to dissolve makeup. There is no need to rub hard, especially in an area as sensitive as around the eyes. The skin near the eye is very thin. By rubbing it hard with a cotton swab, you are stretching it, worsening its condition, weakening the hydrolipid barrier and accelerating the aging process.

Apply a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover to the eye and hold for a few seconds. Then all you have to do is gently brush the skin a few times and the mascara or eyeshadow will stay on the cotton ball.

Facial makeup removal

Is it the washing off of mascara that is most troublesome in the evening? Not necessarily. After a long day, we often think only of going to bed. This is the reason for removing makeup “quickly” and inaccurately. One of the mistakes we’ve noticed is forgetting to wash off any leftover foundation from the hairline and eyebrows. These are places where it is very easy to have makeup residue, which is the cause of the appearance of imperfections in these areas.

Drying out oily skin

People with oily skin face annoying shining skin, the cause of which is the overproduction of sebum. To get by, they reach for “sebum-blocking” and “skin-drying” cosmetics. Wrong! “Drying out” oily skin will only exacerbate the problem, because it will be interpreted by the body as a need for even more increased sebum production.

The answer to this problem is creams that regulate sebum secretion, not block it!

Improper use of cosmetics

How can you misuse cosmetics? Well, you can if you use more than one product. The order of application usually (but not always) matters.

Essences or serums are products with a high concentration of active ingredients and a light texture. To make them work with maximum effectiveness, we should always use them under the cream. The cream protects not only our skin, but also, for example, serums, with low lipid content from evaporation. Applying the cream first is pointless.

By the way, we remind you to use upward movements when applying any type of cosmetic. It will prevent the skin from stretching downward, which accelerates the process of visual aging of the face.

Not washing hands

Facial cleansing is among the foundations of facial care. However, in the bathroom we take care of our whole body; first a serum or facial mist (that’s good), then a body lotion, a hair rub and/or oil, a face cream – all good… Do you remember to wash your hands between cosmetics? A very timely issue, and yet at this point you often don’t think about it. “After all, I’ve just been/am in the shower. I don’t have to be hands on” – MIT. Before applying the cream to the face, wash off any leftover body lotion or other cosmetics from your hands. Otherwise, the ingredients in both products (even if they are both of high quality and effectiveness) may work improperly. Each cosmetic has its own purpose – face cream, body lotion, hair oil and so on.

If a body cream with a high content of active ingredients in high concentrations gets into the eye area, it can cause irritation to the sensitive skin in that area. What’s more, a lotion designed for the body, on the face can even cause the appearance of pimples!


Another hygiene-related mistake is using the same towel for the face and body. In a wet towel, bacteria multiply very quickly. If you don’t replace it often enough, apply them all to your face!

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