5 Christmas gift ideas – facial cosmetics

Christmas is just around the corner! Looking for a Christmas gift idea? Cosmetics and gift sets work great! We have prepared 5 ready-made solutions for you. Check which ones will bring your loved ones the most joy!

1. Relaxing beauty treatment for those who need respite and care with professional cosmetics

An hour (or two) of deep relaxation while your skin gets exactly what it needs. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? A cosmetic treatment is a gift for the body and spirit. Not sure which treatment to choose? Browse the range of specialized cosmetic treatments from dottore.. What effect will make your loved one most happy? A non-invasive lifting procedure? Deep hydration, fighting imperfections? Calming reactive skin? A wrinkle-smoothing treatment? If you need advice, please write to us or visit a practice in your area.

A dottore treatment is not a simple visit to a beauty salon. By choosing it, you are giving the gift of something more than cosmetics and temporary professional care. The gift will be confidence, an effective solution to a bothersome problem, and relaxation like never before. Dottore performs a relaxing cosmetic treatment, combining natural ingredients and professional equipment.

2. Exclusive peptide / phytolift lifting treatment – peptides for mature skin of all types

Dottore’s peptide line contain peptides and other plant substances. These ingredients act like invisible Botox. They firm the skin, improve skin tone, smooth wrinkles and contour the oval of the face. The peptide set will provide effective and pleasant day and night care. It is dedicated to mature skin of all types (including sensitive skin). Care also includes the delicate eye area. Or are you looking for lifting cosmetics for a gift for a peri-menopausal woman? Choose a specially composedphytolift kit.

3. Luxury brillante set for a Christmas gift for those who want renewal and radiance for their skin

The brillante set contains three complementary cosmetics. C-flush cream RICH is worth using every morning. Novo andretino on the other hand, are night creams. Care with these cosmetics is based on specially selected active substances. Vitamin C, glycolic acid and retinol effectively reduce the first wrinkles. The ingredients deeply nourish the skin and rebuild its structure. A nice and practical addition to the cosmetics set is a cotton face towel.

4. Night protection treatment – facial care for the busy in a demanding urban environment

Did you know that the skin absorbs active ingredients best… at night? This is great news for those who suffer from a constant lack of time. Treat a loved one to a set with City night cream. The gift works wonders during an invigorating sleep. Thanks to the beneficial fermentation technology used, the cosmetic will perfectly moisturize and smooth the skin. City eye cream will reduce dark circles and puffiness. City essence in the form of a convenient mist can be easily taken with you in your handbag. The product will refresh the skin at any time of the day. It will immediately enhance protection against harmful urban factors.

5. Cleansing and moisturizing set for everyone who likes the effect of effectively cleansed, moisturized and rested skin

Cleansing is the basis of care. That’s why a set of cleansing cosmeticsis always a good idea for a Christmas gift. Even more so if it includes practical extras! Micellar liquid will enable effective makeup removal for all skin types. Suitable for sensitive skin, including the delicate eye area. The cleansing gel will prepare the skin for even better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the other cosmetics. In the set we offer you, you will find creams: moisturizing and rejuvenating.

Need more ideas for Christmas? Browse our full range of Christmas kits.

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