5 summer facial treatments

How to take care of skin exposed to the sun, heat and free radicals? Learn about 5 summer facial treatments and get your skin back in good shape.

Summer challenges: sun, heat, free radicals

The spring/summer season is a relief for the skin after the dry and cold autumn/winter season. But on the other hand, summer brings new skin care challenges. Exposure of the skin to the sun is increasing, and this means a stronger impact of UV radiation. The results include proliferation of free radicals, excess of which leads to oxidative stress and tissue damage. The sun is also a risk of burns, irritation and dehydration. Under the influence of hot weather, the body loses more water, which becomes apparent on the skin. High daytime temperatures also affect blood vessels. Under the influence of harsh weather conditions, thestate of the skin’s hydrolipid barrier can also deteriorate. In addition, overheating the skin and not carefully cleansing it in the summer can cause more imperfections.

How do you keep your skin in good shape in the summer despite so many harmful factors? The basis is effective home care, and support – professional facial treatments performed in a beauty salon. Click here to find a recommended office in your area.

1. Treatment with vitamin C and mandelic acid

This is just in time for those who notice on their skin the harmful effects of the sun, stress and air pollution. This impact can manifest as uneven gray skin tone, accelerated signs of aging and loss of radiance.

The basis of the C-flush mandelic treatment is two active ingredients: vitamin C in the stable form of ascorbyl glucoside and mandelic acid. The combination of these two substances makes the skin brightened, refreshed and protected from free radicals after the treatment. The skin has an even tone. The processes of skin regeneration and collagen and elastin synthesis are stimulated. As a result, the skin regains its elasticity and radiance. The benefits of the treatment also include strengthening blood vessels and regulating sebaceous glands.

The treatment procedure consists of four non-invasive steps. On the cleansed skin, the cosmetologist applies a chemical peel with mandelic acid, which gently exfoliates the top layer of the epidermis and counteracts imperfections. Active vitamin C is then infused into the skin with powerful antioxidant, strengthening and revitalizing effects. The next step is a soothing algae face mask. Finally, the skin receives an extra dose of stable vitamin C contained in the serum and skin care cream.

The recommended frequency of treatment is 4-6 treatments every 10-14 days.

2. Facial treatment with ferulic acid and astaxanthin

Ferulic xpress is a real antioxidant bomb for the complexion. The treatmentneutralizes free radicals, which multiply especially rapidly in summer under the influence of UV radiation. Among the ingredients in the treatment cosmetics are as many as 17 antioxidants. These include astaxanthin, ferulic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, niacinamide and sea buckthorn oil. Bogaty skład w połączeniu z nanotechnology , makes the ferulic xpress treatment as effective as possible. It is an excellent choice for those who want to counteract oxidative stress, protect skin from harsh summer conditions, prevent photo-aging and reduce hyperpigmentation. The treatment will also help visibly improve the condition of gray, polluted and lack of elasticity skin.

The four-step treatment consists of a ferulic peel, serum, face mask and antioxidant cream. Thanks to such a composed procedure, the skin is perfectly protected from premature aging and from the effects of summer environmental factors. The active ingredients stimulate skin recovery. Importantly, the content of beneficial bacteria results in the strengthening of the microbiome, thus improving the skin’s protective function.

Ferulic xpress is also a treatment for those who value eco-friendly solutions. Some of the ingredients in the treatment cosmetics were obtained through upcycling.

The recommended frequency of treatment is 4-6 treatments every 10-14 days.

3. Gentle scrub for sensitive skin

Did you know that some chemical peels can be used during spring and summer? Such solutions include the studio.peel sensitive facial treatment. It is designed for people with sensitive skin in need of hydration, rehydration and rejuvenation. Peeling improves the condition of sun-damaged skin, mature skin and skin with fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to shallow scars and improve skin texture, as well as increase skin tone.

The sensitive peel facial treatment provides active ingredients that improve the functioning of sensitive skin and soothe the effects of summer environmental conditions. The L-arginine used in the formulation is excellent for moisturization, anti-inflammation and normalization of the skin. Lactic acid is responsible for very gentle exfoliation and brightening of the skin tone. A valuable addition to the formulation is urea, which prevents transepidermal water loss. This is an undoubted advantage of the procedure performed during the summer.

The recommended frequency of treatment is 4-6 treatments every 7-14 days.

4. TOP among facial treatments for vascular skin

Sensitive, vascular and rosacea-prone skin is particularly susceptible to the effects of the sun and high temperatures. That’s why summer days are a real challenge for it. An adaptogen-based facial treatment, rossatore xpress, will come to the rescue. The treatment cosmetics include, among others, Chinese citronella, which significantly increases the skin’s resilience and ability to adapt to harsh summer conditions. This ingredient has a strong anti-inflammatory and nourishing effect, so it perfectly meets the needs of vascular, hyper-reactive and rosacea skin.

The four stages of the rossatore xpress treatment are: peel, serum, face mask and cream with blur technology. It’s a real relief for hyper-reactive facial skin. The treatmentreduces the intensity of skin redness and relieves symptoms of rosacea. Decreases the appearance of erythema, which on vascular skin is aggravated by temperature changes, for example. The treatment also helps rebuild the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier.

The recommended frequency of treatment is 4-6 treatments every 7-14 days.

5. Moisturizing treatment to strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin

Anyone looking for effective treatments for dry, very dry and dehydrated skin should try the NMF xpress treatment. The procedure of this non-invasive cosmetic treatment provides multi-level stimulation of skin hydration and moisturization. Liposomal glacial water is released in the deep layers of the epidermis, making the moisturizing effect strong and long-lasting. At the same time, the composition of treatment cosmetics results in the strengthening of the hydrolipid mantle. Responsible for this are the components of the skin’s natural NMF : moisturizing complex and ceramides, among others.

The NMF xpress treatment is part of the trend of corneotherapy, an innovative method of supporting the skin’s natural defense processes by rebuilding and sealing the hydrolipid barrier. An intact stratum corneum, kept in the best possible condition, has a tremendous impact on processes in the deeper layers of the skin. Supporting moisturization, hydration and protection of the skin in this way is also crucial during the summer.

The NMF xpress treatment consists of a scrub, serum, nourishing butter massage and a moisturizing face mask. The recommended frequency of treatment is 4-6 treatments every 7-10 days.

Face mask and other additions to summer beauty treatments

A cosmetic treatment, selected to meet the needs of the skin by a cosmetologist, allows you to prepare your complexion for summer and improve the condition of sun-damaged skin. However, the treatment itself is not everything. The basis for effective care is the right composition of cosmetics used on a daily basis, as part of home care. Such cosmetics will also help to strengthen and prolong the effects obtained during the treatment.

Some cosmetic treatments can be supplemented with home care products from the same line. This is a guarantee of the complementarity of the composition of cosmetics. The rossatore xpress treatment can be complemented, for example, with a rossatore home face mask. NMF xpress treatment is worth supporting with daily application of NMF cream. The ferulic xpress treatment is complemented by the ferulic antiox cream, and the C-flush mandelic treatment is matched by the line’s C-flush cream and serum , among others.

Finally, a reminder relevant all year round, but especially in the summer. Don’t forget about photoprotection, that is, the daily use of sunscreen products. There is a reason why it is said that sunscreen is the best anti-aging cream.

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