BB and CC creams – your ABCs

BB cream – what is it?

Let’s start by explaining what a BB cream is. BB when expanded stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, which translates as beauty balm, blemish balm. Such a cosmetic is described as a combination of cream and fluid, but has a softer effect than a deck, providing more subtle coverage. Thus, with the help of BB, we will not mask acne lesions, scars or broken capillaries.

However, this cream will work to moisturize and nourish, and what’s more, it will even out the skin tone – so that the complexion looks healthy and beautiful. The cosmetic can be used alone or as a base for foundation, and will work well for virtually any skin type, including sensitive or acne-prone skin.

CC cream – what is it?

What, on the other hand, is the second cosmetic mentioned in the title, the CC cream? CC stands for Color Control Cream or Color Correction Cream, which translates as color correcting cream.

CC cream is a combination of cream, fluid and concealer. It has all the benefits of a BB cream, but with more pigment in the formulation. All this makes it more opaque and better able to mask imperfections, has a mattifying effect, while nourishing the skin.

BB cream or CC cream?

When to choose a BB cream, and when is a CC cream a better option? BB cream is a good solution for people who appreciate natural, delicate makeup, who want to even out skin tone, while providing good skin care.

CC cream will work well for those with more problematic skin, struggling with visible discoloration, lesions, inflammation. The CC cream will make it possible to mask imperfections, but will not weigh down the complexion.

Skin care – what else to remember?

If we want to enjoy skin in good condition and look beautiful and young, we must remember that BB or CC cream alone is not enough. It is also important to cleanse the skin daily, use properly selected scrubs and masks, and eat a healthy diet.

BB and CC creams are very popular. Such cosmetics nourish the skin while evening out its color. A CC cream differs from a BB cream in its higher pigment content, and therefore in its better covering, mattifying, and concealing effect on imperfections.

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