Can the skin get used to the cosmetic? We debunk a cosmetic myth

You’ve probably noticed more than once that a favorite skin care product has suddenly stopped working or doesn’t work as it did at the very beginning of use. The statement that the skin gets used to the cosmetic, gets lazy and stops responding to the active ingredients is repeated very often. But it’s a myth!

Can the skin become addicted to using a cosmetic?

One of the primary functions of cosmetics is skin hygiene and care. It cannot become addicted or accustomed to the cosmetic, because the active ingredients applied to the skin do not have systemic effects, do not affect the central nervous system. Thus, the mechanism of addiction is excluded and there is no such phenomenon as skin addiction. One can become addicted to treatments that improve its appearance. However, this is not directly due to the needs of the skin, but the problem lies on a psychological level.

Skin needs vs. cosmetics

The needs of the skin are changing. This can be influenced by many factors, including. weather, age, hormonal balance or current skin care.

  • A moisturizer used in summer may not be enough for dehydrated and dry skin in winter.
  • After 25. the age of life changes the condition of the skin (its quality, tension, elasticity), the production of collagen and elastin decreases. A cream that has been used for a long time has insufficient effect. So it is worth changing the cosmetic.

When choosing a cosmetic, it is worth paying attention to whether it will meet the current needs and problems of the skin. It is important to pay attention to the INCI composition of the cosmetic and the active ingredients.

Changing skin needs – effectiveness of cosmetic use

When we buy a cosmetic, we want to nurture our skin, improve its condition, protect it from various factors or act preventively against a problem that may affect us. After some time of use, we notice that the cosmetic no longer works as it once did, and we begin to wonder why. This may be influenced by the fact that the needs of the skin have changed. The cosmetic worked and did its job, so there is no need to use it any longer. The condition and condition of the skin has improved. If, after some time of use, the skin condition deteriorates again or returns to its original state, one may wonder what had a significant impact on the renewed deterioration of the skin (change of season, change of diet, influence of other cosmetics used). It is a good idea to use cosmetic products according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and pay attention to the expiration date and shelf life of the cosmetic after opening. If we have a cosmetic that we are satisfied with its performance, there is no point in changing it.


C-flush cream RICH – prevents water loss from epidermal cells, soothes the effects of temperature changes, and inhibits the negative effects of factors such as UV radiation and high salinity. The cream is quickly absorbed, leaving a velvety and non-greasy finish.

S.O.S. – the cream hydrates dry skin, increases the strength and elasticity of the weakened epidermal barrier.

Peptide night – the cream is based on the action of a complex of three peptides, which stimulates the synthesis of different types of collagen. It makes the skin smoother and softer.

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