Can the visible effects of menopause be delayed?

Menopause is the next stage in a woman’s life. It is not able to avoid it, but it can influence this stage. Both favorably and unfavorably.

Factors that accelerate menopause

The main factor affecting the severity of menopause and how quickly it begins is individual genetics. However, a woman on her own request can accelerate this stage, by:

  • smoking cigarettes,
  • a diet rich in sugars,
  • exposure to excessive sunlight.

What else hastens the onset of menopause? There are factors beyond the woman’s control.

  • estrogen-lowering drugs. A woman reaches for them to regulate emotional states,
  • type one diabetes,
  • diseases of the immune system,
  • chemotherapy,
  • ovarian removal,
  • environmental pollution,
  • the stress that accompanies people at every turn.

How to delay menopause?

However, Woman is not completely helpless in the face of all these threats. She did not wait for the first symptoms of menopause to start taking care of herself. She took the time every morning and evening to carefully clean her face of makeup, excess sebum and impurities that settle on her skin during the day. She didn’t leave any leftover makeup overnight! She has long used sunscreen creams to protect herself. In every person’s makeup bag – regardless of gender and age – there should also be some room for a moisturizer, preferably right next to one that provides antioxidant protection for the skin. These three elements – cleansing, protecting and moisturizing – effectively support the skin.

An obvious, yet worthy of mention in this context, is a healthy lifestyle – a diet rich in nutrients, reasonably spread out throughout the day. It happens to everyone to eat a meal on the run because they don’t have time, but let’s try not to make it a daily occurrence. Lots of vegetables, especially colorful ones. They are a source of antioxidants that protect our body from accelerating the aging process.

Water! Water rich in minerals is a source of health. No drinks can replace it. The sugar contained in many drinks has the opposite effect – instead of hydrating the body, it dries it out.

Additionally, traffic. Practicing sports regularly benefits the entire body. It helps keep muscles in good condition, condition and fitness. This is especially important if we have a sedentary job on a daily basis. An additional benefit is the endorphins produced during exercise. You know that feeling of fatigue when you come back from training? The combination of positive fatigue and satisfaction with the result is when you sleep best!


According to the 2019 MultiSport Index survey, 48% of Poles spend more than five hours a day in a sedentary position. In addition, 18% of those surveyed in this study said that there is not a day during the week that they go before more than 10min without a break! These are very disturbing data! So why don’t we go for a walk?

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