Differences between male and female skin

It is not a revelation to anyone that we differ almost to the extreme. Minor misunderstandings ensue, which are mostly amusing when looked at from a distance. We differ in the way we think, behave, and react to everyday events. It would seem that the skin is the least different. Not necessarily.

Male and female skin aging

In the aging process, the differences are very clear. The reason for this is the different thickness of the skin. The outer layer of epidermis in a man can be up to twice as thick? All layers of skin in men are about 25% thicker than in women. This makes ladies more fragile, more susceptible to the harmful effects of external factors such as UV, and thus to the formation of wrinkles and aging of the skin. Therefore, ladies are more inclined to use a lot of cosmetics – creams, masks, scrubs, serums – anything to delay the aging process. Statistically, in women the first wrinkles are seen around the age of 25. In men, they start to become noticeable only after 30! However, nature was not completely unfair. Once wrinkles appear in men, they cannot be overlooked, they are very pronounced. This results in male thinking – “I don’t need creams and skin care”. They expose themselves to sunlight without sunscreen, “because what’s the point?”. They don’t use at least moisturizing creams, “because it’s unmanly.” For those who don’t read the news – the Middle Ages in Poland ended in the 15th century. The modern man takes care of himself and there is nothing unusual or even less unmanly about it. A good moisturizer or butter is due to everyone. Especially in the cold… Take my word for it – it’s easier to prevent skin aging than to reverse it later. Therefore, even at a young age, boys should take care of their complexion.

Skin type

“Even,” or perhaps especially in their youth. Many women think they have terribly oily skin, and what’s worse – everyone can see it! Another fact – men are more prone to oily and combination skin. Just as in adulthood men don’t care about it, in their youth it causes them skin problems. Boys are more likely to struggle with adolescent acne and often go through it worse than girls. Controlling sebum secretion can significantly alleviate the course of puberty, or at least its visible symptoms. The amount of sebum and the rather typical larger pores for men, which often become clogged, may be to blame for the formation of blackheads. In ladies, low amounts of sebum and estrogen put them at risk of more frequent vascular lesions and even rosacea. According to the custom of “something for something.”

Adipose tissue

When we talk about the differences between men’s and women’s skin, it is impossible not to mention cellulite. Regardless of weight, men are much less prone to cellulite. Women are “programmed” for increased fat storage, we have more of it in subcutaneous tissue. That and the weave of collagen fibers (much looser than in men) almost guarantees us cellulite.

The primary reason for the many differences between us is also Mother Nature’s design – childbearing, which fell to the fair sex. Because a woman’s body has to endure a lot during pregnancy, the skin needs to be more stretched. In the dermis layer, we have more elastin elastic fibers. Collagen and elastic fibers are more loosely intertwined, allowing the skin to stretch. At the same time, it is thinner, so it is more susceptible to damage – by UV radiation, discoloration and wrinkles.

Sensitivity to pain

A controversial topic in male-female discussions. How many men have heard that they “couldn’t stand their period”? This topic is hard to settle, but it is true that we react differently to pain. Male skin has fewer nerve fibers. This means that men are slightly less sensitive to pain.

For example – a man will feel the effect of temperature or a needle prick later, but a woman will endure it longer.


Referring to the question “what for men?”, our products are dedicated to skin problems, not gender. We do not offer a cream that is exclusively for women or exclusively for men. However, thanks to the aforementioned differences, we can offer:

Cosmetics for Him

Hydratore + City night cream
Hydratore is a day cream with 5% mandelic acid that moisturizes and regulates sebum secretion. Combined with the gentle exfoliating and nourishing action of City night cream is a care that will meet the needs of most men’s skin.

Cosmetics for Her

C-flush cream RICH + Rossatore Resurfacing Cream
C-flush cream RICH is very rich and nourishing. It has an anti-aging effect and provides antioxidant protection. Rossatore Resurfacing Cream targets delicate skin. It combines anti-aging with strengthening effects.

The above suggestions will work in many cases, but of course not all. If you are not sure what cosmetics will work best for you, feel free to message us privately!

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