Dry skin care – a guide

Dry skin is one of the basic skin types. The basis of dry skin care is proper moisturization. It is also important to avoid factors that dry out the skin. What to look out for? Which moisturizer should I choose? Check out our hints!

How to recognize dry skin?

It can be compared to paper – it is usually taut, thin, slightly rough and dull. It is characterized by limpness and reduced elasticity. Through the thin, dry skin, the blood vessels are more clearly visible. This causes the facial skin to take on a yellowish or pinkish tint.

Dry skin’s susceptibility to external factors is what makes it difficult to care for. Too intense or improperly selected cosmetics can irritate facial skin and cause damage.

In people with dry skin, the aging process becomes apparent more quickly. Wrinkles, a change in the oval of the face or sagging skin appear earlier than with other skin types. Due to sensitivity to potent active ingredients, it is difficult to select anti-aging cosmetics. However, it is not impossible.

Why does dry skin itch?

If we do not take proper care of dry facial skin, we may suffer from a disturbed peeling process. The hydrolipid barrier weakens significantly, TEWL – transepidermal water loss – increases. This makes the skin more susceptible to irritants. The result is itching and burning. It is sometimes very inconvenient.

It becomes especially troublesome to apply makeup in such a case. Keratosis of the epidermis enhances the impression of uneven skin surface, and makeup can worsen this effect.

Facial skin – dry or dehydrated?

Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different concepts. Dry skin is one of the basic skin types. Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is a condition that can occur in people with any skin type. Both dry and dehydrated skin manifest themselves in similar ways – despite different causes.

Dry skin is skin that produces too little sebum. This substance is produced by the sebaceous glands, and is the basis for a balanced skin condition. Skin dehydration, on the other hand, is not related to sebum production. The cause of this temporary condition is a shortage of water in the body. The skin is the last to receive all ingredients of external and internal origin. Unfortunately, if deficiencies manifest themselves in other parts of the body, the skin will be the first to give up its reserves. That’s why if we drink too little water, our skin will let us know right away.

The two concepts in question are confused with each other due to the similarity of symptoms. Common characteristics of dry skin and dehydrated skin include:

  • roughness,
  • astringent feeling,
  • uneven surface,
  • excessive peeling,
  • propensity to crack,
  • skłonność do pęknięć,


Dry skin affects women much more often than men. This is why it happens that women show signs of aging faster. In men, wrinkles will appear later, but will be much more pronounced.

Why does the skin dry out?

The causes of dry skin include both external and internal factors.

The tendency to dry skin is sometimes inherited. Perhaps our ancestors had a reduced ability to bind and hold water in the epidermal layer. In that case, there is a risk that we will also have this problem. In addition, very often dry skin is the result of hormonal changes, such as pregnancy. Stress can also be an internal factor that increases dry skin.

External causes of dry skin primarily include environmental factors. Heat, cold, wind, sun, pollution – these are real challenges to the balance of our skin. Each of them weakens the hydrolipid barrier, causing irritation and aggravating dry facial skin.

Sometimes we ourselves, often unknowingly, expose ourselves to dry skin. This happens, for example, when we use cosmetics containing alcohol. Washing the face too often, hard water, rough clothes – these factors can also aggravate the problem.

Moisturizing dry skin – is it enough?

Indeed, the primary need of dry skin is to moisturize it. The right facial moisturizer should first of all normalize the sebaceous glands. As we mentioned, it is the impaired production of sebum that is the main feature of dry skin.

In order to effectively moisturize the facial skin, it is also important to seal the hydrolipid barrier. This will prevent the epidermis from losing water (and remember that dryness and dehydration can go hand in hand). Among other things, the hydrolipid barrier is strengthened by cosmetics with ceramides.

However, moisturizing the facial skin with the right products is not enough. To improve the condition of dry skin, the factors that aggravate the problem of dryness should be avoided as much as possible. So try to limit skin exposure to the sun, cold, wind and pollution. However, if this is not possible, let’s protect the skin from the effects of exposure. Use products with sunscreen and protective ingredients. Remember to avoid cosmetics containing alcohol, wear clothes made of soft and smooth fabrics.

In addition to protecting and moisturizing the skin, let’s pay special attention to careful, gentle cleansing of the face. Skin free of impurities will better absorb the ingredients of moisturizer and other cosmetics. It’s important to choose cleansing products with mild effects. This will avoid irritation and aggravation of the skin. When washing the face, try not to rub the skin too hard.

If you are wondering whether to use scrubs – we advise caution.ść. If you reduce the stratum corneum too much, you can upset the hydrolipidic balance all over again. From there, it’s a straight path to worsening dry skin problems. Therefore, make it a priority to moisturize your skin and protect it carefully. Perform peeling only when your epidermis is in a good, balanced state. Choose only enzymatic scrubs.

Which moisturizer should I choose?

The skin is a protective layer. That is why it is so important to take care of its special needs with precise, effective products.

Hydratoreis a moisturizing cream with mandelic acid. The cosmetic normalizes the sebaceous glands, so it gets to the source of dry facial skin problems. The active ingredients effectively moisturize the skin without irritating it. The product is well absorbed by sensitive skin.

NMF xpress cream – this moisturizing cream for dry and very dry skin seals the hydrolipid barrier. It contains ceramides and liposomal glacial water. Water is released in the deep layers of the epidermis, providing multi-level hydration. The cream prevents TEWL.

Let’s also remember to moisturize the skin around the eyes – we recommend NMF xpress eyes.

S.O.S. on the other hand, is a cream that promotes epidermal regeneration. It soothes irritation, heals flaky skin, and promotes hydration. Increases the strength and elasticity of dry skin.

City SUN SPF 50+ will provide dry skin with a very high level of sun protection. In addition, it will protect the skin from harmful blue light emitted by electronic screens.

We encourage you to enrich your facial care with one of the sacha butter. The composition of the best natural oils will intensively regenerate and nourish dry skin.

Which of the listed products do you already use in your facial care?

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