Cosmetic ingredient: ectoin. What is this substance?

Many people use preparations with ectoin, but not everyone knows what this substance is. Find out what functions it has in the cosmetic formulation and how it affects the skin.

Ectoin – what is it?

Let’s start by explaining what ectoin is. It is an amino acid, anorganic chemical compound produced by certain species of bacteria. Ectoine-producing microorganisms live in extremely harsh conditions, such as geysers, deserts and salt water. It is ectoin that makes it possible for bacteria to survive. The substance provides protection for cells and DNA, binds water molecules, protects against osmotic stress and UV radiation.

Our skin is exposed to many adverse factors every day. Therefore, it needs the best possible protection and care. Ectoin is perfectly suited for this purpose. It provides protection for the skin against external factors, has a soothing and calming effect. Hence the usefulness of this substance in cosmetics. Ectoin is used as an active ingredient in the formulation of moisturizing and protective cosmetics.

Obtaining ectoin solely by natural methods is unfortunately insufficient. That is why laboratory methods of producing the discussed substance have been developed. Production proceeds always in cooperation with microorganisms, and is not fully synthetic.

How does ectoin work?

Ectoin is one of the most potent natural moisturizers. It helps protect cell function and benefits the skin’s immune system.

Numerous studies show the broad spectrum of action of topically applied ectoin. The substance is successfully used in the treatment of many dermatological conditions in medicine and pharmacy. It is also used in cosmetology, as a component of facial moisturizers, among others.

Ectoin shows beneficial effects on several levels.

  • It binds water molecules and forms so-called ectoin hydrocomplexes. This leads to the formation of a protective layer of skin and prevents excessive water loss.
  • It protects Langerhans cells – defensive skin cells that are located in the epidermis.
  • Reduces inflammatory reactions, occurring at the level of the cell membrane of the mucosal epithelium of the respiratory tract and skin.
  • It exhibits immunoprotective effects. Enhances cell membrane stabilization against cellular stresses.

Due to its effects, ectoin is widely used in cosmetics, medicine, pharmacy and dermatology, among other applications.

Properties of ectoin as an active substance in cosmetics

Ectoin significantly affects the appearance and condition of the skin. Used in cosmetic formulations, it is distinguished by the following properties:

  • anti-inflammatory effects,
  • deep skin moisturization,
  • preventing dehydration of the epidermis,
  • relieving inflammation,
  • reduction of itching,
  • reducing inflammatory erythema,
  • antimicrobial activity,
  • slowing down the skin aging process,
  • supporting the skin’s immune system,
  • UV protection.

Ectoin in cosmetic formulations

This valuable active substance enriches the compositions of moisturizing and protective cosmetics. It enhances the effectiveness of moisturizing facial creams, cosmetics with sunscreens and products that protect against harmful environmental factors.

Light facial moisturizing cream with ectoin

A quality facial moisturizing cream with ectoin is an excellent solution for people with dry and combination skin. Properly composed formula containing this substance increases the level of skin hydration and prevents transepidermal water loss. Through daily care with ectoin, the skin’s hydrolipid barrier is strengthened. The skin becomes less prone to irritation, more supple and smooth.

Ectoin can be an important ingredient in a quality seboregulating moisturizer , such as hydratore. The product is a great way to deal with demanding combination skin, with acne symptoms, with enlarged pores and with recurring imperfections. The light moisturizing cream is quickly absorbed and does not leave an uncomfortable layer on the skin. It is perfect under makeup. It can be used in daily skin care, all year round.

Is ectoin safe?

Ectoin is a safe substance for which we do not have to worry about side effects. So far, no contraindications to the use of ectoin have been identified. There were also no adverse reactions reported after its use. Some products with ectoin can also be used safely for children.

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