Ectoin – what is it, how does it work, does it have side effects?

Virtually everyone has heard of ectoin. Many used preparations, such as creams, containing ectoin. However, few know what the said substance is, what properties it has and why it is such an important ingredient in many cosmetics. Today we will introduce the topic a bit. Below is the most relevant information.

Ectoin – what is it?

Let’s start by explaining what ectoin is. Ectoin is an amino acid, an organic chemical compound produced by species of bacteria that live in extremely harsh conditions, such as in geysers, deserts, and salt water. It is ectoin that makes bacteria survive, provides protection for cells and DNA, binds water molecules, protects cells from osmotic stress and UV radiation. As you know, our skin is exposed to many adverse factors every day. So it needs the best possible protection and care. Ectoin passes the test perfectly. It provides protection against external factors, has a soothing and calming effect.

Obtaining ectoin exclusively by 100% natural methods is unfortunately insufficient. That is why ways have been developed to produce the substance in question. Production is always in cooperation with microorganisms and is not 100% synthetic.

How does ectoin work?

What action does ectoin exhibit?

  • It binds water molecules and forms so-called ectoin hydrocomplexes. This leads to the formation of a protective layer of skin and prevents excessive water loss.
  • Protects Langerhans cells. Langerhans cells are defensive skin cells found in the epidermis.
  • Ectoin reduces inflammatory reactions occurring at the level of the cell membrane of the mucosal epithelium of the respiratory tract and skin.
  • It exhibits immunoprotective activity, which enhances cell membrane stabilization against cellular stresses.

Ectoin, due to its action, is widely used, including in cosmetics, medicine, pharmacy and dermatology.

Properties of ectoin

What specific effects does ectoin have on the appearance and condition of the skin? What qualities does it have? First and foremost are:

  • anti-inflammatory effects,
  • deep hydration of the skin, preventing dehydration of the epidermis,
  • relieving inflammation,
  • antimicrobial activity,
  • slowing down the skin aging process,
  • skin immune system support,
  • UV protection.

Ectoin – side effects

Ectoin is a safe substance , for which we do not have to worry about side effects. To date, no contraindications or adverse reactions have been demonstrated. Formulations with ectoin can be used freely, including in children, including newborns.


Ectoin is a substance with many benefits, which you will also find in dottore creams. We recommend the C-flush creams RICH, Hydratore andCity SUNto all those interested.

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