Effects of stress on the skin

Our body is designed to regenerate itself, just as the mind is able to cope with various problems. A factor that affects both is stress. An integral part of our lives. Contrary to popular opinion, eliminating stress completely from daily life would not be very beneficial at all. In moderation, stress motivates us to act, it is one of the stimuli leading to development.

Stress and skin problems

The effects of stress on the skin can manifest themselves in different ways. As the primary organ of the immune system, the skin absorbs stress, which can be troublesome to us in its effects. One of the first stress reactions visible on the skin is erythema. When there is chronic stress, the skin’s reaction to stress can be more intractable – from itching and burning, to dryness, seborrhea and acne lesions. Other symptoms of “stressed skin” can include uneven skin surface and an earthy color.

Stressors generate an almost immediate reaction from the body. Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and the axis going from the hypothalamus, before the pituitary gland, to the adrenal gland raises levels of adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol. The situation forces our body to react – it has to adapt to it. The demand for oxygen is increasing. Hypoxia causes the skin to not receive nutrients, and worse, its cells cannot remove the effects of metabolism.

Chronic stress can impair the regenerative abilities of our skin. Under stress, telomeres – stretches of DNA that stabilize and protect during cell division – shorten.

How does cortisol affect the skin?

The main stress hormone is cortisol. Its task is to reduce the negative effect of the adrenaline “spike.” Excessive levels of cortisol that persist for too long lead to significant deterioration of our skin. The deepening of wrinkles has been linked to a loss of skin elasticity, and these are just two examples of the consequences of chronic stress.

Cortisol wreaks havoc on the basic building blocks of our skin – it damages collagen and other proteins. Through its anti-inflammatory effects, cortisol compromises the effectiveness of the immune system. It is then easier to get infections and mechanical injuries. The weakening of the barrier that is our skin carries the risk of harmful bacteria entering the body.

Under the influence of cortisol, sebaceous glands are activated. This can lead to an overproduction of sebum and, as a result, also to the intensity of problems such as acne.

Take note

Rash, irritation, suddenly appearing inflammation, especially if you are not prone to such symptoms, can indicate too much stress. It is estimated that about 25% of the skin problems we face have a psychological cause.


We don’t have a cream to eliminate the stress in our daily lives, but we do have cosmetics to alleviate some of the symptoms. For this, we recommend combining two lines – City and rossatore. How? We hasten to offer good advice:

Rossatore Cream Blur Effect – a day cream from the vascular strengthening line. Its function is to strengthen blood vessels. When erythema occurs in a stressful situation, the skin will deal with it more quickly if it is prepared for it.

City night cream – for the night we recommend something reliable – City night combines protective action, like the entire City line, nourishing and anti-aging, without the risk of irritation. Support for stressed skin.


City essence – consisting of 96% of the active ingredient on which the entire line is based mist is a great addition. It works well both under the cream, enhancing its effectiveness, as well as during the day, as additional nourishment, hydration and protection.

Intensive strengthening treatment – the skin repays us when we take care of it, and a home spa is a good idea in the evening. The combination of an enzyme scrub and mask from the Rossatore line is a relaxing opportunity for you and your skin.

If you are not sure what care will be most suitable for you, ask us! We will be happy to help you individually choose the right preparations! Have you ever observed in yourself that during a stressful period of your life, you are more prone to infections and unusual symptoms?

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