Facial cleansing at home

Facial cleansing is one of the main pillars of facial skin care. What mistakes do we make most often and how to avoid them? What is the difference between a micellar lotion and a milk? Check it out!

Facial cleansing is a must

Facial cleansing is the cornerstone of taking care of our skin, although little appreciated unfortunately. In the 21st century, everything happens fast. We expect immediate results. Our skin won’t change overnight thanks to a magical spec – that’s for sure, but you can help a non-magical spec by preparing your skin for its effects. It is worth noting that effective cleansing improves the absorption of active ingredients in the creams, and thus their effect.

Where to start cleansing at home?

From washing off makeup and impurities that settle on our skin. Dirt from all day, as well as sebum, a layer of which we have on our face every morning, after a night’s sleep. A micellar liquid works best for this. It is very common to hastily evaluate these products with words – you have to rub hard to wash off mascara. No, it is not necessary. Instead of rubbing, gently press the liquid-soaked cotton ball and give it time to dissolve the cosmetic. That is the premise of the micellar liquid.

Mistakes in skin cleansing

One very common mistake in cleansing the skin is not washing off makeup remover. Is this the fault of a bad micellar lotion or makeup remover? No, absolutely not. Their task is to cleanse, to dissolve impurities. However, the same ingredients that make micellar lotion serve as a makeup remover and gel cleanser mean that leaving it on the skin can damage the hydrolipod barrier.

It is worth using a tonic at that time. What action does it have? It is designed to restore our skin to its proper pH, which is the level of acidity at which our skin feels best. In addition, the tonic is effectively soothing. Bacteria and viruses that get through the protective barrier cause inflammation. Your skin will thank you for using a toner after cleansing your face. Besides, the application of the tonic itself is pleasantly cool – the feeling of soothing is immediate.

What is the difference between a makeup remover and a micellar liquid?

We will also touch on the topic of what is the difference between a makeup remover and a micellar liquid. A fairly frequently asked question. In addition to washing off makeup, the milk is meant to gently moisturize, and its consistency is more oily. People with naturally oily skin usually choose a micellar liquid to remove makeup. It’s lighter, just as effective, and doesn’t leave a greasy film. The second group – fans of lotions – often have dry skin. They reach for lotions consciously, and yet they also make the mistake of not washing them off.


“Since it moisturizes, I won’t wash the lotion off my face. Let it moisturize overnight.”
A milk is not a cream. The light moisturizing effect is an added value, not the main purpose of the cosmetic. Wash off the lotion with a toner – your skin will thank you.

Once we have thoroughly cleansed our skin, we can move on to the next stage of skin care. Peelings. Do you prefer enzyme or granular scrubs? We quietly hope, however, that the former. Exfoliation – the controlled removal of the superfluous layer of epidermis refreshes the appearance of the skin. Or just? Without an extra layer of skin, the creams absorb better. Therefore, scrubbing is part of cleansing. They strive for the same thing – to cleanse the skin of the layers of residue that make it difficult for skin care products to reach deeper.

We know of two more myths that we would like to dispel once and for all. Let us know in the comments if you have ever come across them – believed or not?

  • washing the face too often is not good at all,
  • using scrubs more often than the manufacturer indicates can lead to irritation.


Do you already have your skincare planned? How do you cleanse your skin to improve its condition? Or are you just starting out and don’t know what will work best for you? He who asks, does not wander. Ask, we will help!

Sensitore aqua sensitive – micellar liquid created for all skin types, including the most sensitive. At the same time gentle and effective – it can handle even waterproof makeup. Its formula consists of 99% ingredients of natural origin. We made sure that they were non-irritating.

Sensitore gel – a cleansing gel dedicated to washing the face, as well as a dose of vital energy extracted from acai fruit and ginseng. Antioxidants in the ingredients absorb free radicals, which are formed in our skin and are responsible for tissue damage.

Sensitore milk – milk for removing makeup and other skin impurities. Gentle formula based on 99.92% ingredients of natural origin. It nourishes and rebuilds the hydrolipidic layer of the skin. Also suitable for people with very sensitive skin, hypoallergenic.

Sensitore tonic – a soothing, gentle tonic with aloe vera. Composed of 99.77% ingredients of natural origin, it is alcohol-free, with a delicate, non-irritating fragrance. Restores the pH necessary for the skin to function properly.

Puratore home – enzyme scrub with papain, which will work for all skin types, including very sensitive skin. 99.5% of the formula is made up of naturally derived ingredients. It works only on the outer layer of the epidermis, so it is safe even for pregnant and nursing women.

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