Facial cosmetics for pregnant women – a guide

Facial care should be tailored to the current needs of the skin. During pregnancy, these needs change strongly. In addition, not all active ingredients are safe for mom and baby. So what facial cosmetics are suitable for pregnant women? We explain!

Pregnancy and the needs of the skin

During pregnancy, many changes take place in a woman’s body. The condition of the skin is also changing. Discoloration and pimples often appear on the face. Skin hitherto dry becomes oily. There may be allergic reactions, that did not occur before pregnancy.

In addition, the skin is more susceptible to the sun’s rays – so it’s a good idea to give it especially thorough protection. Creams with a high SPF factor are advisable.

Skin care during pregnancy does not have to be a complicated undertaking. You just need to know how to choose the right products – including face creams.

Face cream for the mother-to-be – what composition?

For pregnant women cream compositions are extremely important. They should be based on selected skin-friendly active ingredients. Cosmetics with substances of natural origin are recommended.

At the beginning of your pregnancy (and preferably before you get pregnant), it’s a good idea to take a close look at the contents of your makeup bag. We can keep some of the products we have used so far, but some should be discontinued. What does it depend on? The changing needs of the skin are just one factor. The second – and most important – is safety. Certain active ingredients used on a daily basis may prove harmful to the baby in the womb.

What substances to avoid?

Face creams for the mother-to-be should be free of parabens, alcohol, fragrances and dyes. It’s important that they do not contain retinol, retinoids or other vitamin A derivatives. It is imperative to avoid face creams with tetracycline – it is an antibiotic that can endanger the health of the child.

Creams with AHA, or alpha hydroxy acids, are also inadvisable. Studies show negligible absorption of AHAs and their lack of overall effect. Nevertheless, we at dottore advise against acids during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During this special period, caution is at a premium.

Zabiegi na twarz – czy są bezpieczne w ciąży?

We have already checked face cream compositions for baby safety. So let’s also take a look at facial treatment procedures. A pregnant woman does not have to give up treatments altogether. On the contrary, skin care during pregnancy may require specialized solutions, available only in beauty salons. So how do you choose a safe and effective treatment? Again – it’s all about the right active ingredients, as well as the right technologies.

The matter of ingredients is already clear. It looks the same as face cream recipes in home care. However, when it comes to the procedure of the procedure – here are the factors we need to pay attention to:

  • peels – if they contain AHA acids, you can replace the product in question with a safe enzyme scrub;
  • cavitation – ultrasonic waves can harm the baby’s health;
  • sonophoresis – some sera can be massaged into the skin by hand;
  • Iontophoresis – the introduction of ions by means of direct current is also inadvisable;
  • electroplating – the effect of direct current is beneficial to the mother’s body, but harmful to the fetus.

Among the completely safe facial treatments arethe puratore cleansing treatment.

The rossatore xpress and NMF xpress treatments should be performed during pregnancy with the above-mentioned considerations in mind.

Skin care during pregnancy – what else is worth remembering?

Face cream must be selected according to the current needs of the skin. So in addition to avoiding specific substances, remember to look for effective answers to skin problems during pregnancy. There are creams for dry, combination, sensitive or acne-prone skin on the market, based on natural and safe ingredients. Properly adjusted products and regularity of action are the basis of skin care during pregnancy. Thoughtful care will positively affect the overall condition of mom’s skin. It will also help to eliminate imperfections and normalize the skin’s processes.

Let’s also keep our own comfort in mind. The face cream should be well absorbed. It is worth choosing one that does not leave an oily film.

Facial cosmetics for pregnant women have a major impact on the future condition of mom’s skin. After the birth of a child and breastfeeding, well-groomed skin will better cope with the subsequent changes in a woman’s body.

Face cream for pregnant woman – dottore suggestions

  • NMF xpress cream ‒ moisturizing face cream with liposomal ice water and Shea butter.
  • NMF xpress eyes – moisturizing cream for eyes and eyelids.
  • C-flush cream RICH ‒ vitamin C cream nourishes the skin, has an anti-wrinkle effect, evens out skin tone.
  • Rossatore Cream Blur Effect – a cream for sensitive, vascular and rosacea-prone skin.
  • S.O.S. – a cream that accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis.
  • City day cream – day cream, protects against the harmful factors of the urban environment..
  • City eye cream – protective eye cream with fermentation filtrate.
  • City SUN SPF 50+ – protective cream with sunscreen, hypoallergenic.
  • Peptide line – day, night and eye cream with peptides and snowberry extract.

Facial cosmetics for pregnant women – complementary products

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