How to choose cosmetics for mom? Check out 5 gift ideas

Every day is a good opportunity to give mom a gift. May is special in this regard, because in this month we celebrate Mother’s Day. Or maybe you’re planning to gift your mom a beauty kit for her birthday, name day, Christmas? Want to carefully select products for mom’s daily needs? We will be happy to help you! Discover 5 gift ideas for mom – for special occasions and every day.

What cosmetics for mom to choose?

When looking for a gift for mom, consider her needs and lifestyle. Is your mother a mature woman? Or maybe you want to gift a young mom or a woman expecting a baby? Think about whether mom likes to relax at a spa or prefers active recreation. Pay attention to mom’s special care needs. Maybe he has sensitive skin? Perhaps she would like to reduce wrinkles, rosacea symptoms, hyperpigmentation? All of this is of paramount importance when choosing a gift that will make mom truly happy.

We have prepared for you 5 diverse gift ideas for mom.

1. Antioxidant care – gift idea with cosmetic novelty

The first of our gift ideas for mom is a set of cosmetics with novelty in the lead role. Ferulic antiox cream + C-flush serum + Puratore home is an effective antioxidant care – and more.

Choose this set if mom:

  • has skin with signs of aging (such as wrinkles, reduced elasticity);
  • would like to reduce hyperpigmentation and improve skin tone;
  • frequently stays in the sun or amidst environmental pollution;
  • seeks products that moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • wants to counter free radicals and antioxidant stress.

Ferulic acid, astaxanthin and vitamin C included in the formulation of the cream and serum are powerful antioxidants. They are the ones that neutralize free radicals that multiply in the body under the influence of unfavorable environmental factors. Antioxidants are essential to prevent oxidative stress. This phenomenon accelerates the aging process, reduces skin elasticity and increases inflammatory reactions. Antioxidants restore the skin’s cellular balance and well-being.

In addition, ingredients from the cream and serum have anti-aging and nourishing properties. And what is the role of puratore home? This is a gentle enzyme scrub for use 1-2 times a week. The cosmetic exfoliates dead skin cells, cleans pores and facilitates the absorption of active ingredients. Exfoliation is an essential step in skin care. Therefore, scrubbing as part of a gift set of cosmetics is a very good idea. Ferulic antiox cream, C-flush serum and Puratore home will complement each other perfectly.

Such a set of cosmetics can be used regardless of the season. It’s a good idea to include it in your spring care. The skin is then exposed to an increased amount of UV radiation.

Modern technologies to take care of mom’s skin

Describing the first of the gift ideas for mom, it is still worth mentioning nanotechnologyandthe microbiome. These are two terms closely related to the benefits of ferulic antiox cream. The product is formulated as a nanoemulsion. Ferulic acid encapsulated in nanoparticles reaches the deeper layers of the epidermis. This makes it work even more effectively. The microbiome, on the other hand, is the so-called The fourth layer of the skin, composed of beneficial microorganisms. This layer is supported by the Lactobacillusbacteria included in the cream’s formulation. This makes the skin less susceptible to irritation and symptoms of diseases.

Want to know more about our newest ferula line? Read an article about ferulic xpress.

2. Safe beauty kit for young mom and beyond

Let’s remember moms whose kids are still too young to give a gift on their own. Perhaps you want to gift a pregnant woman or a young mother. If so – we have the perfect gift idea for you!

The City SUN + City SUN BODY+ S.O.Sset is a true skincare essential. Such a set of cosmetics is a versatile and practical gift. It will bring joy to anyone who values effective skin care and protection. After all, photoprotection and regeneration should be taken care of by all of us, and all year round! Importantly, the kit can also be used during pregnancy and lactation. Great for a gift for mom – even at the earliest stage of motherhood.

Choose this set without any worries! This is an especially successful gift for a mom who:

  • wants to protect its skin from the sun’s rays at any time of the year;
  • frequently stays in the sun;
  • seeks protective and moisturizing products;
  • has irritated epidermis in need of regeneration;
  • Needs to strengthen the hydrolipid barrier of the skin;
  • wants to protect itself from harmful environmental factors;
  • spends a lot of time in front of screens of electronic devices.

Why do we mention device screens? It is about Blue Light – blue light with harmful effects on the skin. BothCity SUN SPF50+ and City SUN BODY, also protect against this type of radiation. Want to know more? Take a look at the article on photoprotection.

Both products ofthe City SUN line are hypoallergenic.They can be used even by people with very sensitive skin.

And if mom happens to forget her sunscreen– S.O.S. is great for remedying irritation. It will also stimulate the regeneration processes of skin damaged by cold, wind, air conditioning and detergents. It is a good idea to always have sunscreen products and S.O.S. cream with you in your makeup bag. As a gift for mom, such a set will work perfectly.

The products in this set have a light texture and do not whiten the skin. What’s more City SUN and S.O.S. are great under makeup. This can be an important advantage of a gift for mom.

3. Gift idea for a mature woman

Is your mother a mature woman who appreciates precise, carefully selected care? Perhaps he is looking for ways to reduce the signs of passing time? If so – we have a unique gift proposal for you.

Phytolift serum + peptide eye cosmetics set is the perfect gift for a mom who:

  • wants to shallow wrinkles and other signs of skin aging;
  • notes reduced skin firmness and disturbed facial oval;
  • wants to take special care of the delicate eye area;
  • seeks ways to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  • likes the Botox-like effect without invasive methods.

The phytohormones contained inPhytolift serum are an ingredient that is particularly valuable for peri-menopausal women. These are compounds of plant origin. They have a structure and function similar to natural female hormones. Just as in nature they promote healthy plant growth, so in cosmetic form they will take care of mature skin. They will make it supple, firm and radiant.

The peptide eye on the other hand, will enable mom to precisely and effectively care for the delicate skin around her eyes. The cream is well absorbed even by sensitive skin. The peptide complex stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, affecting skin firmness. In addition, the product moisturizes and nourishes perfectly.

Or maybe instead of an eye cream you want to include a cosmetic in an even more innovative form? Check out peptide hero mask. It’s a good gift idea for a mom who could use moments of quiet relaxation in a home spa. The package contains two masks that care for the eye area up to the temples. Why don’t you also apply the mask and relax with your mom?

4. Cosmetic treatment – professional care and relaxation on Mother’s Day

A set of cosmetics for daily care or a day of pleasure with a beauty treatment? Think about what will make your mother happier. How about gifting mom with a voucher to a spa or beauty salon?

A great gift idea is a specialized, relaxing facial treatment. It should be performed by a qualified professional. A cosmetologist will help your mother select a treatment to meet the individual needs of her skin. Take a look at dottore’s practice map and see which locations in your area we recommend.

Wondering what treatments are on offer? Here they are:

  • an antioxidant treatment using nanotechnology;
  • an exclusive anti-aging firming and lifting treatment;
  • a retinol treatment that restores the skin’s balance;
  • treatments with chemical peels;
  • an adaptogenic treatment for vascular skin with a tendency to rosacea;
  • treatment with a system of multi-level stimulation of skin hydration;
  • brightening and anti-wrinkle treatment,
  • cleansing and revitalizing treatment.

By choosing a dottore treatment, you’ll be gifting your mom with much more than the temporary care of a professional and the impact of valuable active ingredients. A good treatment improves mood and well-being, increases self-confidence. It can effectively solve a troublesome skin problem. Offer your mom a non-invasive cosmetic treatment and give her relaxation like never before.

Check outdottore’s full range of treatmentsto choose the best possible gift for mom.

5. Give your mom exactly what she needs

Every mom is unique. Every mom deserves a special, carefully chosen gift. When preparing for Mother’s Day, holidays, birthdays or mom’s name day, use our inspiration. If you want, compose a set of cosmetics for mom according to your own idea.

And here’s our idea number 5: choose one of dottore’s ready-made cosmetics kits. Each treatment is tailored to specific skin care indications. You can find information in the kit descriptions. And if you have questions – write to us!

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