How to improve skin firmness?

Loss of skin firmness is an imperfection that, we deal with after the age of about 40. How do you take care of a complexion that is becoming less supple? How to reduce wrinkles and fine lines? We encourage you to read!

Why does the skin lose firmness?

Why does the skin lose firmness? We already explain! During menopause, the production of estrogen, or female hormones, decreases. The consequence is a reduction in the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This results in less firmness, wrinkles and furrows. The skin loses its glow and is no longer as supple and smooth as before.

How to improve skin firmness?

How to improve skin firmness? Care plays an important role. Properly selected cosmeceuticals will positively affect the condition and appearance of the skin, and consequently, our mood.

It’s a good idea to opt for 3 creams: day, night and under-eye.

  • Day cream ‒ will protect the skin from external factors that accelerate the aging process of the skin and have a negative impact on its firmness and condition.
  • Night cream ‒ at night the skin rests, cleanses itself of toxins. The night cream will stimulate the skin’s regenerative and moisturizing processes.
  • Eye cream ‒ the skin around the eyes is virtually devoid of sebaceous glands, is very delicate and thin, and shows signs of passing time, stress and fatigue. So it is good to provide it with the best possible care.

For skin that is losing firmness, cosmetics containing substances such as:

  • Vitamin C ‒ Vitamin C is one of the most appreciated substances in the fight against signs of skin aging.
  • Retinol ‒ retinol is the pure form of vitamin A.

The basic care should, of course, be supplemented with a scrub and mask. The scrub will remove impurities and dead skin, it also prepares the skin for the next skin care activities. The mask will even out skin tone, nourish and moisturize the complexion.


What specific cosmeceuticals are good to reach for when the skin begins to lose firmness? We have prepared several suggestions:

Regenerative treatment

The regenerative treatment consists of two creams: the C-flush cream RICH ‒ designed for daytime use and Retino Forte ‒ designed for nighttime use. The aforementioned creams are dedicated to aging skin, losing firmness, with wrinkles and fine lines. The composition of the cosmeceuticals includes retinol and eco retinol, vitamin C and DNA protection complex (Avogelia®, jojoba oil, Shea butter).

Peptide lifting treatment

Peptide lifting treatment includes 3 creams – Peptide day, Peptide night, Peptide eye. The active ingredients you will find in the composition of the creams are:

  • Peptides ‒ affect the synthesis of the extracellular matrix, stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin. This action makes the skin firmer and wrinkles smoother.
  • Snowberry extract ‒ slows down cell division in our skin, which has the effect of increasing its firmness.
  • Spilantol ‒ reduces muscle tension, resulting in less depth of facial wrinkles.

Serum Fitolift

The serum will be perfect for peri-menopausal skin care. The cosmeceutical stimulates collagen production, which improves the skin’s tone and elasticity. In addition, it moisturizes and evens out skin tone. The serum will be an ideal choice for skin that is losing firmness, with wrinkles, dry and dehydrated.

As the body ages, the skin loses its firmness. This is a completely natural process. What can we do to improve the condition and appearance of aging skin? Of course, a big role is played by the care and selection of cosmetics. It’s worth reaching for formulations with vitamin C, retinol, ecretinol, peptides or snowberry extract.

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