Live video of dottore from Topestetic

Have you seen Julia and Gosia in a live interview with Topestetic yet?

On 8.04.2021 a live video was held, to which our specialists were invited. The topic of the meeting was vascular skin, rosacea and skin care.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss vascular skin care. It is sensitive, demanding, cosmetics for it must be chosen very carefully. Most of the potent active ingredients unfortunately cause irritation and redness, which rosacea-prone skin is prone to even when exposed to milder external factors.

The girls discussed everything you need to know! They recommended cosmetics – of course they did, but they also advised how best to use them. Starting with cleansing – micellar liquid for sensitive skin, facial cleansing gel from the sensitore line. This is a line designed for even the most sensitive, allergy-prone skin. However, it won’t change anything if we rub hard with a towel or cotton ball – irritation will still occur. Most of you who are well acquainted with our brand know that with the topic of vascular skin, a mention of the rossatore line could not be missed.

Rossatore Cream Blur Effect – a day cream for daily use. It effectively reduces both the area and frequency of erythema. It strengthens and brightens the complexion, giving it a healthy appearance.

Rossatore Resurfacing Cream – a night cream for vascular skin that combines anti-aging, seboregulating and erythema-reducing effects. Perfect for those with skin that is highly susceptible to irritation.

Rossatore Peel Home – a refreshing enzyme peel that exfoliates dead skin cells, refreshing the appearance of our complexion and preparing it to accept active ingredients contained in creams.

In addition – as befits live – the girls answered questions from viewers. Be sure to see what questions were asked in the comments and listen to our answers!

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