Media about us – March 2022

The next month brings us many journal publications. This month’s information on our products includes. Pani, Zwierciadło and Party.

Ms. Aesthetic Medicine suggests how to be beautiful always. He reminds us that peptides enable us to restore the perfect shape to our features and improve the appearance of our skin. Information on Peptide day,cream, whose formula is up to 30% active ingredients, was not to be missed.

Party recommends cosmetics with concentrated formulas. Serums that efficiently crack down on imperfections and blemishes and among them C-flush serum. Intensive anti-aging serum with vitamin C and L-arginine acts like an invisible mask and traps impurities, neutralizes free radicals and improves skin tone.

Zwierciadło on the other hand, focuses on vascular and sensitive skin care in March SSS – Sensitive Skin Syndrome is affecting more and more people and how to deal with it? The answer is the rossatore line and in it among other thingsrossatore peel home. Enzymatic smoothing and regenerating scrub for sensitive and vascular skin. After it, the skin is tightened, moisturized and regenerated, and the skin tone is unified and evened out.

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