Media about us – Q3 and Q4 2022

The autumn-winter period belongs primarily to the peptide line. The peptide xpress lifting treatment is gaining recognition! See what other products the top magazines are appreciating this season.

Cosmetics with peptides fromdottore have been extremely popular since their inception. They won hearts as soon as they appeared on the market in the fall of 2021. Interest in the peptide line is not waning. Moreover, the newpeptide xpress lifting treatment has proven to be a real hit. And do you know what other products are most appreciated this season? See which facial cosmetics are recommended by the best Polish magazines.

August and peptides

At the end of the summer, you could read reviews of the peptide linein several online editions. Reviews of lifting and wrinkle-smoothing products were posted by “Zwierciadło”, “Twój Styl” and “Elle” magazines.

Read „Zwierciadło”

Read „Twój Styl”

Read „Elle”

Feedback during the fall season

In September, there was a lot of buzz about several home care products. Among them were: S.O.S., puratore home, peptide, City night cream andsacha butter green beauty. You can read reviews in “Estetycznym Magazynie”, “Party” and “Twoim Stylu”.

October passed under the sign of peptide xpress. The success of the launch of the facelift treatment has been reported by, among others. online editions „Twój Styl”, „Zwierciadło” and „Estetyczny Magazyn”. News of the peptides was also featured in the pages of “Pani.” and “Elle” online in November.

Read „Twój Styl”

Read „Zwierciadło”

Read „Estetyczny Magazyn”

Read „Elle”

At the dawn of winter

The December issues featured articles on acid and retinol creams. Reviews of novo fortewere posted in „Twój Styl”. You can read more about retino forte in „Pani”.

Cosmetics with peptides also received further reviews. The text about peptide night was published in the special issue of „Twój Styl” titled „Woman in Business”.

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