Media about us – September 2021

In September, you could find us in Party magazine, whose attention was caught by a moisturizing eye cream – NMF xpress eyes. This is the first eye cream we created, and it is still loved by our customers. It is gentle, adapted to the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Our sister magazine, „Party Medycyna estetyczna” featured more mentions of us. The issue aimed at those interested in the beauty industry mentioned:

  • Rossatore Cream Blur Effect – calling it the master of camouflage! Those who have used it know that the rossatore line does a great job with erythema.
  • C-flush cream RICH – couldn’t miss it when the topic was about equalizing skin tone.
  • Puratore home – enzyme scrub with papain is seen as one of the hits of the season. For our part, we would add that anyone, because it can be used safely all year round.
  • S.O.S. – recommended especially after aesthetic medicine procedures, the cream accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis..

Magazine „Pani” recognized a new line that we’ve been telling you about recently on our social media – peptide. The magazine features a full-size photo showing the entire series for mature skin. Products designed to stimulate the synthesis of different types of collagen and improve the appearance and density of the skin, as well as the oval of the face.

Do you agree with the descriptions?

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