Meet the owners of dottore cosmeceutici

The founders of our company were interviewed. Dorota Wellman and Marta Klepka jointly decided to ask a few questions to Ms. Anna Geisler-Jankowiak and Dr. Waldemar Jankowiak.

In the interview, our founders talk about where the idea to create the Body Aesthetics Clinic came from. Dr. Jankowiak talks about how he developed, what he achieved. This year we are already celebrating the 20th. anniversary of the Clinic, where dottore was born. Are you curious why, having a thriving Clinic, Mr. and Mrs. Jankowiak decided to create a completely new brand? The answer is given to us by the doctor – there were no cosmetics on the market that had substances in their composition that bring real results. The doctor had in mind Vitamin C, glycolic acid, retinol, among others. The final flashpoint was the disappearance from the market of the glycolic acid cream that Dr. Jankowiak recommended to his patients at the Clinic. This is how the first novo was created. We, as a team, were pleased to hear that both Ms. Anna and the doctor are proud of our brand.

Are you curious about what cosmetics Ms. Anna uses?

Do you know how long it took to design the C-flush serum and what was the problem?

What is life like for our founders after work? Do they talk about business matters? Doesn’t working with a family member conflict and destroy the home atmosphere? Not in this case. The doctor replied briefly – “we try not to do that”. They both have their passions, which makes them even more amazing people. With the amount of work they both face on a daily basis, they find time to develop their interests, as well as for each other. Do you know what is the attitude of Poles towards aesthetic medicine as of today? How has this approach changed over the years? Dr. Jankowiak shared his concern – aesthetic medicine is becoming undervalued by the glut of “miracle solutions” offered by the market. All treatments that used to be spectacular are now described as “just” wrinkle smoothing.

We encourage you to listen to the entire interview for more details.

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