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Summer is associated by many with the vacation season. We often have trips planned since the beginning of the year and can’t wait. However, whether you are a fan of beachcombing by the sea or mountain hiking, you should take care of yourself. While on vacation, we regenerate and relax. What about our skin? The skin rarely has a chance to rest during the summer. What challenges does he face?

The Sun

Sunlight is the biggest threat to our skin during the summer. Without effective protection, UVB can burn us painfully. Particularly vulnerable areas are the cheeks, nose, shoulders and décolletage. There, erythema appears most quickly, followed shortly thereafter by a burn.

UV is also one of the main contributors to the appearance of free radicals, which damage the tissues of our skin in search of neutrons with which to bond. To effectively negate the harmful effects of the sun on our skin, two elements will be necessary – sun protection – sunscreen and antioxidant protection – such as vitamin C cream.

Temperature changes

Hot weather negatively affects our skin – it is easily dehydrated, and sweat lingering on the skin increases the risk of eczema.

An additional challenge for the skin is the sudden temperature changes to which we expose ourselves. In the heat of summer, it is natural to seek cooling in the form of air-conditioned rooms. Nowadays, there are few stores or offices that are not equipped with air conditioning. It is impossible to deny yourself this opportunity, but remember not to set the temperature too low. Air conditioning not only lowers the room temperature, but also dries out the air, making our skin look tired.


High temperatures stimulate our skin to produce more sweat. Sebum lingering on the skin combined with environmental pollutants (antipollution) and often also with makeup is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Many of our customers have complained about the deterioration of their skin during the summer. The bacteria are the cause. The answer is careful cleansing – morning and night. Sometimes it is necessary more often. Then reach for proven micellar liquids and face gels that are gentle on the skin and preferably as naturally formulated as possible.


We have prepared summer creams for you! There are two options to choose from:

City SUN – SPF50+ sun protection cream for the face

City SUN Body – sun protection milk SPF30

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