New! Peptide hero mask – lifting mask with peptides for the eye area

Modern care for mature skin around the eyes gets a new dimension with peptide hero mask. See how the lifting mask with peptides for the eye area works!

For whom is peptide hero mask

Peptide hero mask is a brand new dottore product. Thishydrogel lifting maskis designed primarily for people with mature skin of any type. It was developed for those who want to improve the condition of the skin in the eye area. Peptides and other active ingredients in the mask are the answer to facial wrinkles and reduced firmness of the skin around the eyes. The mask produces a tightening and lifting effect. The precise action of the ingredients helps to reduce the appearance of a drooping upper eyelid and reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Thanks to the mask, the symptoms of fatigue fade and the skin becomes smooth, velvety, supple and soothed.

Do you have sensitive or allergic skin? Peptide hero mask is also for you. It is a hypoallergenic product, tailored to the special needs of skin that is easily irritated and reddened.

Innovative shape of the lifting mask

Why did we call the mask “hero”? This is because of its unique appearance, which is associated with the mask of a superhero. The anatomical shape of the hydrogel mask thoroughly covers the skin around the eyes, caring for the entire area – up to the temples.

Applying the mask

In order for the active ingredients fromthe peptide hero mask to be well absorbed, it is first necessary to thoroughly cleanse the facial skin. For cleansing, we recommend products from the sensitore line. Eye makeup removal is best done with Sensitore aqua sensitive.

Carefully remove the peptide mask from the sachet and apply it to the eye area. Make sure that the holes are in the right places. Gently press the hydrogel mask and make sure it adheres well to the entire treated area around the eyes, near the nose and on the temples. Now relax and wait 10-15 minutes.

After the designated time, remove the mask. For best skin care results, apply peptide hero mask regularly, at intervals of 7-10 days. You can use it regardless of the season. Remember that the peptide mask is a disposable product.

If you feel that a little of the peptide essence has gotten into your eye, wash it out with plenty of water.

Peptides and more – effective care for the eye area

The action of peptide hero mask is provided by a complex of four peptides combined with additional valuable substances. See what each component of the formula does.

The peptides penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate collagen production. As a result, the skin becomes more supple and firm. Wrinkles become shallower and shorter, and there is a lifting effect. Peptides improve fluid drainage to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes. They also reduce the fragility of capillaries. Thanks to peptides, the formation of new signs of aging is slowed down and the overall condition of the skin is improved.

In addition to peptides, you will also find organic oat extract in the composition of peptide hero mask. This ingredient is responsible for improving the skin’s microsculpture. Intensely tightens, causes a pronounced lifting effect. It leaves the skin smooth, matte and satiny.

It leaves the skin smooth, matte, satiny.The peptide mask recipe is further enriched with vitamin B5, or D-panthenol. It is an anti-inflammatory substance that promotes epidermal regeneration. It is thanks to it that irritations are soothed and the skin is soothed.

Facelift enhancement

Peptide hero mask is a novelty among dottore’s peptide cosmetics. The product perfectly complements home care composed of cosmetics from the peptide line. It joins a day, night and eye cream and a phytohormone serum. Its unique formula allows you to enjoy a relaxing ritual of effective care in the comfort of your home.

Or maybe you feel like deep relaxation during a specialized treatment? Sign up for a non-invasive peptide xpress treatment at one of the best beauty salons. See which salons we recommend.

How to achieve the best facelift effect? Use complete peptide home care on a daily basis and combine it with regular peptide xpress treatments at the beauty salon.

Additional advantages of peptide hero mask

In the package you will find up to two hydrogel masks with peptides. How about setting up a home spa treatment with a loved one? Or would you rather keep a second mask for yourself to take even better care of your eye area?

Finally, good news for those who pay attention to using environmentally friendly cosmetics. We made sure not only that the mask works effectively on the eye area, but also that it is biodegradable. This is another eco-friendly solution from the dottore laboratory.

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