Rosacea – an interview with Dr. Waldemar Jankowiak

Meetings with Dr. Jankowiak are always very popular among our customers – both retail and professional. At each training session, after the lecture on Dr. Waldemar Jankowiak had at least a few people waiting with a list of questions.

This time with Dr. Jankowiak was met by Julia Cieślawska, known to you from the “Antipollution” webinar, and the topic she covered was rosacea.

At the outset, the doctor stressed that rosacea is not a simple matter. Poorly treated or misdiagnosed, it can evolve into a much worse condition than the erythema with which the disease is usually associated. That’s the key word – disease. Many people do not realize that rosacea is a disease that needs to be treated.

Causes of rosacea

The main cause of rosacea is genetic. If our ancestors suffered from this disease, there is a very high risk that we will also face it. In addition, specific phototype characteristics can be distinguished that may indicate susceptibility to rosacea problems. It is light complexion, blue eyes, light hair. The problem affects the vast majority of women, as they inherently have more delicate, sensitive skin. On the other hand, rosacea is not an exclusively female disease, men can also struggle with it. What’s more, men endure rosacea much worse once it appears.

The doctor also listed for us the external factors that are capable of aggravating the situation:

  • stress, also positive,
  • changes in atmospheric conditions, i.e., sudden jumps in temperature, for example,
  • solar radiation,
  • alcohol,
  • heavy, spicy foods,
  • cigarette smoking (nicotinism).

All these factors affect the dilatation of blood vessels, which are very delicate in people with vascular skin.

Lack of care

Improper care can lead to very unpleasant consequences. In the first stage, rosacea is neither dangerous nor very bothersome. It takes the form of overly sensitive skin prone to erythema, which subsides after some time. This is a condition known as prerosacea. However, if we neglect proper care and are not careful, the disease will progress to stage two.

Effects of progressive rosacea:

  • lumps on the skin,
  • metabolic problems of the skin,
  • development of nodular lesions,
  • sebaceous fiber hypertrophy,
  • changes in the eyeball (in extreme cases).

With developed rosacea, care alone is no longer enough, surgical treatment will be necessary.

Care of vascular skin, with rosacea

We have created an entire line for the care of vascular and rosacea skin. Comprehensive care that includes:

Rossatore Cream Blur Effect – a day cream that effectively strengthens the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it nullifies erythema. The brightening effect is often visible after the first use!

Rossatore Resurfacing Cream – a refreshing night cream tailored to the needs of sensitive and vascular skin. The acid complex it contains works gently but effectively, leaving the complexion renewed and younger looking.

Rossatore Peel Home – an enzyme peel that complements the series. It dissolves dead skin cells, which contributes to better absorption of active ingredients contained in creams.

Rossatore Mask Home – a mask from the line has a soothing and nourishing effect. Calms hyper-reactive vascular skin, leaving it tightened and radiant.

Did you know that…

Under the name rossatore is also a treatment dedicated to vascular skin performed in beauty salons. The results of combining home care and professional care can be spectacular! See where there is a salon in your area that offers our treatments – CLIKCK.

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