Skin care with tattoos

The myths that having a tattoo is the domain of demoralized people or criminals are probably gone for good. Increasingly, we are seeing people with designs – inscriptions or images – immortalized on their skin. This is no longer surprising – not on the skin of a waitress in a restaurant, a gentleman in a store, or a passerby on the street. What’s more? Tattoos have become an offshoot of art, only the artist’s canvas is human skin.

We take care of the skin – regardless of its color and patterns drawn on it! However, the skin right after the procedure at the tattoo parlor needs to be taken care of.

Preparation of the skin before tattooing

Making a tattoo requires damaging the epidermis and transporting the ink into the layers of the skin. The procedure is not natural for us, so it is worth preparing for it properly. We have some good advice:

  • Give up sunbathing! The paler the skin, the better the tattoo effect. A newly acquired tan is among the contraindications for the procedure! Before tattooing, the skin must be healthy and undamaged.
  • At least a week before your salon appointment, start moisturizing intensively. This includes applying moisturizer (recommended 2-3 times a day) and drinking more water.
  • Two days before the visit, we advise you to give up stimulants (alcohol, coffee). At the same time, painkillers, which contribute to blood thinning, should not be taken.
  • Come to the salon relaxed. Sleep improves the regenerative capacity of our skin, and with sleep we are more resistant to pain.

Skin care after tattooing

The skin after the tattoo will be red, swollen and very irritated. Tattooing consists of small wounds that will turn into small scabs. They must not be scratched off! Proper care will determine whether the tattoo will look the way you dreamed it.

At the tattoo parlor, after the procedure, your tattoo will be protected with a film or “second skin.” They have different properties, but the purpose is the same – to protect the broken epidermis from bacteria. In the case of the film, it is essential to remove it a few hours after leaving the surgery. Use only gray soap and lukewarm water to remove residual blood, plasma and vaseline. To dry the wound, we recommend gently applying a paper towel – do not rub to minimize the risk of irritation. The cleansed skin needs to be moisturized. Use of the moisturizer should be repeated as often as possible. If the tattoo artist has secured a fresh tattoo with a “second skin,” you can breathe a little. The second skin is a waterproof dressing that lasts for three days. After this time it will fall off on its own, and if not, you can remove it by soaking the edges carefully with water. Further care looks the same as after removing the film.

The tattoo heals over a period of one month. This is an important time for its final appearance, so you should take special care of its hygiene. The healing process is often associated with itching – especially when the epidermis begins to come off and the first scabs appear. It is not allowed to scratch the skin during this time!

Within a month after getting a tattoo, swimming pools, saunas, solariums (discouraged regardless of the season and circumstances), gyms and other activities where contamination and thus infection of the healing wound can easily occur. Sunbathing is also still discouraged. It’s safe to say that tattoos in general “don’t like the sun” – they can fade noticeably after prolonged exposure, so it’s always a good idea to use creams with a high UV filter.


Getting a tattoo is painful regardless of the area. The level of pain depends on the individual circumstances of each salon client. However, tattoo artists point to the groin and bone area as the areas most susceptible to pain during the procedure.


S.O.S. – a cream that accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis. Also used by doctors in offices after aesthetic medicine procedures. It can also be used to take care of skin with tattoos – it moisturizes, makes it more flexible and soothes irritation. Contains panthenol recommended by tattoo artists! It should not be applied to an open wound.

City SUN SPF50+ – sunscreen for daily use. Light texture, does not leave white marks, absorbs quickly and additionally moisturizes – perfect for protecting a healed tattoo!

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