Smoothing scrub – which one to choose?

Daily skin care should be enriched with a scrub. Of course, the scrub should be selected according to the needs and imperfections of the skin. Only then will we achieve satisfactory results. Which smoothing scrub should I choose? What to look out for? We encourage you to read!

Peeling – which one to choose?

There are scrubs available, varying in composition and properties, in a wide price range. So we can easily find a cosmetic tailored to our skin’s needs. We distinguish between enzymatic and mechanical peels, among others. How are they different?

Enzymatic peel

Enzyme peels are very gentle. Such cosmetics work on the surface, dissolve dead skin, and do not cause irritation. How to make an enzyme scrub? We proceed very similarly to the mask. Apply the scrub to the face and leave it for a few minutes, usually for 10-15. After this time we rinse.

Mechanical peeling

It contains exfoliating particles. We distinguish between coarse- and fine-grained scrubs. How to make such a scrub? Spread the cosmetic on the face, and then perform a gentle massage. Rinse off after completing the massage. Such scrubs will work well for coarse, gray complexions.

Peelings from dottore

Puratore home

Enzyme peeling with papain, an enzyme found in the flesh of unripe papaya fruit, is ideal for those with combination, dry, oily skin. What action does papain have? It perfectly cleanses the skin, lightens acne and sun discoloration, evens out the skin tone. It doesn’t end there, papain shows anti-inflammatory properties, accelerates the healing process of minor wounds, soothes acne lesions.

Regular use of a papain scrub is:

  • guarantee of skin cleansing,
  • removal of dead skin,
  • smoothed and refreshed skin,
  • soft, pleasant to the touch skin.

Rossatore peel home

Rossatore peel home is ideal for those with vascular skin, prone to rosacea. Such enzyme peeling will also be a good solution for sensitive, reactive, gray, tired or sallow skin.

The results of regular use of the scrub are:

  • removal of impurities and dead skin,
  • skin regeneration,
  • smooth, pleasant to the touch skin,
  • reduced erythema activity,
  • evened tone.

After the exfoliation, it’s a good idea to apply a face mask selected for the skin’s needs. This will give our skin a healthy appearance, full of radiance, and minimize imperfections.


Peeling plays an important role in skin care. A well-chosen one removes impurities and dead skin, evens out skin tone, and refreshes the complexion. This makes the skin smooth, soft, pleasant to the touch and radiant.

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