The bacterial flora of our skin

What do you know about the bacterial flora of your skin? Is it the same as in every person? What do you think: is the presence of bacteria on the skin good or harmful? We explain!

It is common knowledge that there are bacteria on our skin. And not just on the hands with which we touch everyday objects. It is estimated that there are an average of 100 bacteria on 1 square centimeter of human skin. They mainly reside in hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Such environments – warm, humid – are most friendly to them.

The microbes that populate our skin are not always bad. Most of them do not threaten life or health and do not cause any diseases. On the contrary, some bacteria present on the skin promote protection against disease-causing organisms. Proper bacterial flora is a positive phenomenon and necessary for maintaining health.

The totality of microorganisms that inhabit one environment is called the microbiome. In the human body, the gut microbiome is the most diverse. The respiratory system, reproductive system and skin, among others, have their own bacterial flora.


Did you know that every person has their own unique bacterial flora? When we touch any object, we leave our unique mark on it. Forensic laboratories see new potential for investigations. The microbiome can facilitate the identification of perpetrators based on traces collected at the crime scene.

What bacteria are most commonly found on the skin

The predominant bacterium on human skin is Staphylococcus epidermidis, known as staphylococcus. On the skin, the bacterium poses no threat … until it enters the bloodstream. The risk arises, for example, when piercing the skin when drawing blood. Therefore, it is imperative to disinfect the skin surface in the area each time before disrupting the epidermis.

Propionibacterium acnes is the second most common bacteria on our skin. However, it will not be found on the surface of the epidermis. This bacterium avoids oxygenated environments, so it can be found in the pores of the skin or in glands. For the host, it is not aggressive or dangerous. Instead, it is blamed for the occurrence of acne. It has a role in skin infections and inflammation.

What damages the bacterial flora of the skin

If you have been with us for a long time, you certainly know the most important rule. The most harmful to the bacterial flora are strong cleansing products, chemical peels, laser treatments and AHA acids in high concentrations. However, none of the products or treatments will harm anyone as long as they are used judiciously. Therefore, when going to an aesthetic medicine or beauty salon, we recommend choosing trusted and proven places. You can find a list of our recommended salons HERE.

However, there is no specialist at home to advise you. That’s why it’s a good idea to check the composition of cosmetics yourself.

Aggressive cleansers have been a nuisance to skin of all types for years. The SLS and SLES contained in cosmetic products are antiseptic and antibacterial agents. This has advantages and disadvantages. There are situations in which cleansing the hands with strong products is necessary – of course. However, on a daily basis, you can choose gentler cleansers, those that are more friendly to the skin and its microbiome.

In 2020, yet another threat to our skin has become popular – disinfectants with alcohol. We started using them on a huge scale. Unfortunately – alcohol strongly dries out the skin and severely compromises its natural hydrolipid barrier. If we do not take timely care of our skin in such harsh conditions, we will quickly begin to suffer unpleasant consequences. Skin without a hydrolipidic layer will be vulnerable, sensitive to temperature changes and all external factors. It will also become more susceptible to allergies.

When using cleansers and sanitizers, watch your skin’s reaction. The first alarming symptom is redness. Consider choosing the right products for your daily care.


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