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Rushing time, who doesn’t complain about it? As the years go by, our appearance changes, the skin loses firmness, elasticity, the first wrinkles appear. Does this mean that we can no longer look beautiful and enjoy smooth, soft skin? No! Even after a certain age, we can look attractive and feel great in our own skin. However, we must remember to take proper care. Here we come to the title lifting cream. What lifting creams do we recommend? Here are some suggestions. We encourage you to read!

Lifting creams from dottore

The lifting cream will be an excellent choice for mature skin with various signs of aging. To provide comprehensive skin care, it is best to purchase three creams – for day, night and under the eyes. Below are our suggestions.

Peptide lifting day cream

Peptide daywas created to care for skin that needs a facelift. The cosmeceutical is designed for daytime use and has an excellent effect on the condition and appearance of the skin. The cream’s composition contains as much as 30% of skin lifting and firming ingredients, among the most important we can mention such as:

  • Snowberry extract ‒ shows strong anti-aging and firming properties. It makes the skin look younger and more beautiful.
  • Spilantol ‒ reduces muscle tension, making wrinkles less visible and skin smoother
  • Peptides ‒an important ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics. Peptides stimulate collagen and elastin production, smoothing and firming the skin.

Peptide lifting night cream

We should ensure that at night the skin can rest and cleanse itself of toxins. With the help comes Peptide night cream. This cream ensures the synthesis of different types of collagen, makes the skin firmer, tighter, looks younger. The cream will be an excellent choice for those struggling with such imperfections as sagging skin, wrinkles, disturbed facial oval, loss of tension.

Peptide eye lifting cream

The third of our suggestions is the Peptide eye cream. It is in these areas in particular that signs of skin aging, wrinkles, as well as dark circles and bags are visible. The cream with peptides and snowflake extract will restore the freshness of the look, make the skin smooth and soft.

Care should be supplemented with a lifting serum, as well as properly selected scrubs and masks. In addition to home rituals, we can also use aesthetic medicine treatments, they will be an excellent complement and will visibly affect the condition of the skin.

Be beautiful with dottore!

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