The protective barrier of our skin vs. cleansing

The protective barrier of our skin is, in other words, the hydrolipidic layer. How often do you see a declaration in the descriptions of cosmetic products that they rebuild the skin’s hydrolipid barrier? Do you know how? And what exactly is the hydrolipid barrier?

Hydrolipid barrier

The hydrolipid barrier is the invisible protective layer of our skin. It consists of water, which comes from the sweat glands, and lipids – or sebum, for which the sebaceous glands are responsible. It ensures that it is properly moisturized and lubricated. In addition, it is responsible for the proper pH level of the epidermis, protecting it from bacteria and fungi.

Colloquially, this barrier is called the hydrolipid mantle, because it actually performs a similar function – it protects against external factors. It is thanks to it that the impact of wind and temperature changes are not so troublesome for us, and that impurities from the air do not penetrate the skin, but settle on it. This is equally good and bad news.

The lingering layer of sebum and impurities that have been trapped on the skin’s hydrolipidic coat must be removed, as they provide a breeding ground for bacteria. The result can be imperfections and, in extreme cases, even irritation and inflammation.


Cleansing the skin is one of the cornerstones of skin care – we’ve said it many times. However, is washing your face several times a day the right thing to do?

Owners of oily skin tend to cleanse their facial skin several times a day, because due to the excessive amount of lipids (overproduction of sebum) their skin glows, is overly oily and often has problems with pimples. We know from years of experience that our clients feel the need to rub off excess sebum at all costs. However, this will only exacerbate the problem. To attempts to “forcibly dry the skin,” the skin will react with even more intense work of the sebaceous glands, because it will recognize that such is the demand. The answer to this problem is a seboregulatory action, not a blocking one.

Cleansing products are designed to wash the face, refresh, remove impurities and excess sebum without damaging the hydrolipid barrier. What products to look for? Products with alcohol high in the formulation are definitely not desirable. The more natural the composition of the product, the better.

Damage to the hydrolipid barrier


The main cause of damage to the hydrolipid barrier is improper care, including overly aggressive washing products. An example is ordinary soap. It is not tailored to the needs of facial skin, which is thinner and more sensitive than on the rest of the body. Although the skin has a very strong ability to regenerate, when we wash it with too much soap twice a day, it may not have time to regenerate. In the long term, the hydrolipid barrier will be disrupted and will no longer serve its function.


Damage to the hydrolipid barrier is the cause of many skin disorders. If you notice dryness and tightening of the skin, often followed by burning and redness, it is worth considering whether the cause lies here. However, overproduction of sebum, a problem exactly opposite to the previous one, can also indicate errors in cleansing.

It is worth noting that skin stripped of its protective layer becomes much more sensitive to temperature changes and other external factors, but also more susceptible to allergies.

How to take care of the hydrolipid barrier?

We distinguished two elements of supporting the hydrolipid barrier – protecting it and not destroying it. We already explain!

Protection refers to external factors – primarily UV. It is necessary to use high sunscreen! It is worth getting products from the antipollution line, which support the skin during the day, when it has to deal with the impurities lingering on it. In addition, do not forget about antioxidant protection – free radicals are the main reason for accelerated skin aging.

Not destruction – an even more important point on this list, since unprotected skin will do better than unprotected skin. Choose gentle cleansing products with a skin pH to avoid the feeling of tightness. The proper pH of the skin is between 4.7 and 5.6 – worth remembering. Avoid products with alcohol high in the formulation – the higher it is in the formulation, the more the product contains. Use scrubs according to the manufacturer’s recommendations – it is usually not recommended to scrub more than 1-2 times a week.


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