Thirsty for art – after the workshop

Wiktoria Radlik, who writes for you on the blog every day, and the daughter of the founders of our brand, Adrianna Jankowiak, traveled to Mielenko, at the Baltin Hotel, to participate in the “Thirsty for Art” workshop. The girls represented our brand, but also participated in activities.

New challenges every day with new great artists!

As an interesting fact, we will tell you that during the four days of the workshop, fifteen participants managed to use 160 canvases! Some of them can be seen on artvip_8 Instagram profile on videos and testimonials. Thanks to the efforts of the organizers, profile watchers were able to at least partially participate in the daily life of the workshop!

On the last day, all participants, artists and organizers gathered for a closing ceremony. The owner of the Baltin Hotel and the mayor were also present. We haven’t seen so much excitement in one room yet!

The organizers asked the participants if they would be interested in repeating the workshop. All unanimously answered – as much as possible! We promise nothing, but we recommend keeping an eye on our social media profiles so you don’t miss the next event!

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