We have joined the “Druzyna Szpiku”!

It is said that what bird, such feathers. We agree! The president of our brand, Anna Geisler-Jankowiak is a person with a heart of gold. So it’s no surprise that this heart also has a voice when running a company.

Dottore is involved in various charitable activities. 23.03.2021 Ms. Anna met with Dorota Raczkiewicz – head of the „Dar Szpiku” foundation.

Drużyna Szpiku are people committed to promoting bone marrow donation. They convey knowledge to the public about it. Blood or bone marrow cannot be produced in a laboratory, and there is no substance to replace them – this is fundamental information. By sharing what’s in your body, you can save someone’s life! It does not cost you any effort. All you have to do is sign up for the Drużyna Szpiku and get tested. So little to you, to someone else can mean life.

The foundation has been in existence since 2008. They have already helped many patients and many people have learned about the problem of blood and marrow shortages in hospitals. However, donors and volunteers are still needed.

You can also get involved in other ways – help the foundation and support their activities. Donate 1% of your tax or take a look at the Foundation’s store. We chose the third way – we helped complete the „Szpikowe paczki”. Around the holidays, the foundation tries to prepare packages for the needy. You can give something from yourself!

In addition, we want to encourage you, our dear customers, to support the foundation. Helping is important, and thanks to organizations like the Druzyna Szpiku, it’s also very easy!

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