What is a micellar lotion? Guide

Micellar lotion, also called micellar water, is a cosmetic that contains micelles in its composition. Micelles are microscopic, spherical spheres, the inner layer of which has a hydrophilic effect – it repels grease and attracts water. The outer layer, on the other hand, has a hydrophobic effect – micelles bind to fats and repel water.

The micellar lotion removes impurities while being gentle on the skin. The cosmetic in question will be perfect for those with combination or oily skin, as well as dehydrated, dry, sensitive, vascular skin.

How does the micellar lotion work?

The micellar lotion cleanses the skin of air impurities and removes lingering sebum. With the help of micellar fluid, we can also remove makeup residues that are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and a source of free radicals.

Micellar lotion not only cleanses the skin, but also restores its natural acidic pH and will perfectly prepare it for the next stages of skin care.

How to use micellar lotion?

Cleansing the face is the basis of daily care. It is important to remove dust, atmospheric pollution and makeup after a long day. Incomplete facial cleansing has an adverse effect on the condition of the skin, leads to the formation of various types of imperfections and accelerates the aging process.

When cleansing your face, the micellar liquid discussed today will certainly come in handy. How to apply it? Just soak a cotton pad in the liquid and gently, carefully wipe your face. When the first swab gets dirty, replace it with a fresh one. We don’t rinse. The lotion is best used in the morning to refresh the complexion and in the evening. Store the product at room temperature and protect it from UV rays.

Which micellar lotion for combination/acne-prone skin?

Which micellar lotion works best for oily or combination skin? Here, in particular, cosmetics containing anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, mattifying, astringent substances are recommended.

No matter what skin type you are looking for a micellar lotion for, choose a cosmetic that does not contain dyes, artificial preservatives or fragrances in its composition. The more naturally derived ingredients, the better for our skin.


Micellar lotion allows you to cleanse the skin of atmospheric impurities and makeup, refreshes it and prepares it for subsequent skin care treatments. With micellar fluid we can successfully replace makeup remover milk or cleansing foam.

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