What kind of sunscreen for the face?

Each of us should remember not only to take care of our skin on a daily basis, but also to protect it from external factors that can have a negative impact on the condition of the skin. Daily use of sunscreen is highly recommended.

Why should you buy such a cosmetic and, which cream should you choose to give your skin the best protection? Below is a handful of information. We encourage you to read!

Sunscreens – why use them?

We should use sunscreen all year round. Such a cosmetic will provide the skin with protection from harmful environmental factors, including UV radiation, free radicals or temperature.

It is good to keep in mind that overexposure to the sun’s rays and lack of proper protection cause photoaging of the skin, the formation of hyperpigmentation, free radicals, burns, erythema.

Skin photoaging – what is it?

Photoaging is the process of accelerated skin aging that results from sunlight, as well as artificially generated UV radiation, such as in tanning beds. Symptoms of photoaging include hyperpigmentation, sagging tissue, dry skin, wrinkles and furrows. All this makes the skin look older and much less attractive.

Which sunscreen should I choose?

The cream should provide adequate protection against UVA, UVB and Blue Light rays. It is also important that this cosmetic is distinguished by a selected composition, containing substances such as Niacinamide, vitamin E, argan oil, ectoin, among others.

The cream must also be tailored to your skin type. There are creams designed for oily skin, atopic skin, dry skin, as well as those with a universal effect, working well for all skin types.

SPF – sun protection factor

When looking for a sunscreen, it is essential to pay attention to the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Here we distinguish:


Gentle, low sun protection, indicated for people who tan to a chocolate color, who have no problem with sun discoloration.


The 20+ sunscreen is designed for people with phototype III who do not struggle with sunburn.


It will work well for people with phototype II who have a fairly fair complexion.


High, effective protection against ultraviolet radiation. Such sunscreen creams will work even for people with very fair skin, prone to hyperpigmentation, who spend long periods of time in the sun.


The right sunscreen will protect the skin from the sun’s rays, and thus from hyperpigmentation, photoaging, and dryness. It is recommended to use the creams in question all year round, not just in summer.

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