Winter care of irritated facial skin – guide

Find out what measures to focus on in winter to improve irritated skin. Read the article to learn the most important tips for preventing irritation.

Winter skin challenges

Exfoliation with powerful chemical peels is often associated with winter skin care. This is an apt association, but it is worth highlighting an important condition. Acids should not be used when the skin barrier is weakened. Meanwhile, the winter period brings with it a whole host of factors that threaten the condition of the skin. These include:

  • wind,
  • heating,
  • cold and frost,
  • aggressive cosmetics,
  • numerous layers of clothing,
  • persistent smog and air pollution.

All these factors are potential causesof weakening our natural protective mantle. A damaged hydrolipid barrier of the skin is a simple way to unpleasant irritations.

The burning, tender, irritated skin needs a quick rescue. However, our efforts should not focus solely on healing the damage. Regeneration of skin irritated by external factors is a last resort. It is better to protect yourself from such a necessity by properly preparing your skin for harsh winter conditions.

Protecting the skin from irritation

Protecting the skin from irritation should be done in two ways. First of all, we must take care to improve the condition of the hydrolipid barrier. The idea is to seal and strengthen this natural protective mantle. Second – not to be underestimated is the diet. We should supplement it with essential fatty acids (EFAs), mainly omega-3 fatty acid. So let’s make sure our meals include oily sea fish, nuts, seeds, protein. Let’s also drink plenty of water to keep the body and skin hydrated. All this will help strengthen the skin’s natural protection against irritation.

In addition, it is worth looking at the compositions of the cosmetics we use. Effective protection of the skin against irritation is possible thanks to several properly selected active substances. In doing so, it is important to remember that each skin type has its own needs, and it is these that we should be guided by first.

Active ingredients against irritation

The most important group of substances that protect the skin from irritation are the components of the skin’s natural NMF. These include glycerin, ceramides, urea, squalans. You’ll find them in the NMF line, which includes a face cream, an eye cream and a professional cosmetic treatment.

NMF xpress treatment is a great solution if you are preparing for a winter trip. It is advisable to visit a beauty salon a few days before departure to intensively regenerate the hydrolipid mantle. The treatment is suitable for all skin types. This is in response to dehydration and dryness of the skin – long-term or intermittent. If we feel that our skin is dry and rough – NMF treatment is the right solution.

What for skins with dermatoses

In the case of atopic dermatitis or with rosacea, the skin requires even more care. Harsh winter conditions and irritation can worsen its condition and aggravate the symptoms of diseases. However, this can be avoided. Active ingredients suitable for skins with dermatoses include adaptogens and niacinamide, contained in the rossatore line. Adaptogens, such as Chinese citronella, increase the skin’s resistance to external and internal factors. They improve the adaptation of the skin, that is, its ability to adapt to changing conditions. In turn, niacinamide stimulates lipid synthesis, significantly improving the hydrolipid barrier.

The rossatore line consists of a professional cosmetic treatmentand a set of home care products. The treatment should be performed a few days before the winter trip. During the holidays and winter activities, it is best to use a day cream and a soothing mask. It is better to return to the fruit acid night cream a few days after arriving home, when the skin is in a state of greater balance.

What for acne-prone or oily skin

Often the first association for oily and acne skin care is exfoliation and acid treatments. However, when you want to focus on preventing irritation, a chemical peel is not a good option. For acne-type skin, the best bet then is a diet and a gentle enzyme scrub.

It is worth knowing that the omega acids in the diet have an effect on the thinning of sebum. Changing the consistency of skin sebum will help reduce the tendency to eruptions and keep the sebaceous glands working at a balanced level. When it comes to enzyme peeling, it’s best to do it a few days before you leave for the holidays. Deep cleansing will prevent the skin’s pores from becoming clogged – and this is encouraged by a multi-layered winter closet during winter activities. The mild enzyme peel formula only reacts with dead cells, not the entire epidermal layer. This will help avoid irritation. Which scrub should I choose? As part of home care, it can be puratore with papain. A few days before the holidays, it is worth signing up for a professional puratore treatment.

Of the creams, a good choice for acne-prone skin would be hydratore. This cosmetic cares in two ways. On the one hand, it moisturizes perfectly, and on the other, it regulates the sebaceous glands. It is also great for combination and sensitive skin.

How to soothe irritated skin

It must be admitted: even with careful care, something can go wrong. The problem of irritation affects everyone. So what to do in the case of a damaged hydrolipid barrier? What are ways to soothe irritation? Let’s take a look at the active substances and products that can be applied to irritated skin to speed up the healing process.

In the regeneration of irritated skin, it is important to repair the damaged hydrolipid barrier. Natural oils rich in EFAs will be needed to rebuild the protective mantle and heal irritation. Among such oils, it is worth mentioning first of all Sacha Inchi – 94% of its composition is essential fatty acids. Also valuable is, among others, Jojoba oil and evening primrose oil.

D-panthenol, Myramaze and Boswellia serrata is also a rescue for irritated skin. All of these ingredients exhibit anti-inflammatory effects. They promote skin regeneration and accelerate the epidermal healing process.

What for irritated facial skin

A real rescue for irritated, burning and tender facial skin is S.O.S. cream. The cosmetic accelerates the healing of the epidermis not only after aesthetic medicine procedures, but also in the case of weather damage. S.O.S. can be applied to the skin in the evening, for example, after returning to the hotel from the ski slope. The cream will wrap the skin with a light protective layer like a compress. It will perfectly moisturize the epidermis, reduce redness and provide relief from burning and itching.

Sacha butter is also an effective answer to irritation. The cosmetic softens the skin, makes it more supple and protects it from further harmful influences. The butter can also be applied prophylactically, to the more sensitive parts of the skin. It is suitable for use not only on the face, but also on the entire body. It will successfully protect the lips and hands.

Let’s also consider how to cleanse irritated skin. A cosmetic ideally suited for this purpose is sensitore milk. Its oily texture soothes the skin’s tenderness and helps restore the hydrolipid barrier.

It is important to remember to protect the irritated skin from further harmful factors. Careful photoprotection is essential. To this end, it is a good idea to takeCity SUN , a protective cream with SPF 50+, on winter trips.

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