Dermiss Beauty Academy

Dermiss Beauty Academy was created with the idea of a place where everyone will get the opportunity to calm down, improve their appearance and well-being. The knowledge, pharmaceutical experience and great sensitivity of the founder, Ms. Jolanta Staszczak, became the foundation of the Academy, which invariably since 2001 has been operating in Zakopianka Shopping Center in Krakow.

Dermiss is created by a team of doctors, pharmacists and cosmetologists who are constantly guided by the welfare of their clients. Specialists in various fields are constantly improving their skills and upgrading their qualifications. Dermiss’ goal is the well-being of the client, and treatments are chosen carefully to meet the expectations of the most demanding.

  Kraków, ul. Zakopiańska 62B

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Contact details

Address: ul. Zakopiańska 62B, 30-418 Kraków
Pavilion between CH Zakopianka and Castorama
Phone: (+48) 887 201 200, (+48) 12 293 32 84