Nowa Ty Cosmetic Cabinet

“Nowa Ty” is an intimate office in the heart of Krakow founded by Ms. Ewa Mateja, where the needs of clients in the area of face and body care and well-being are addressed with care and professionalism. Using her knowledge of dietetics, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, Ms. Ewa Mateja provides comprehensive care to her clients.

Ms. Ewa has been working with the Dottore brand for 10 years. He appreciates the quality of treatment cosmetics and those supporting home care, which he recommends to his clients.

Ms. Ewa Mateja’s 30 years of experience in cosmetology have been enriched by health-supporting facial and ear reflexology, Vietnamese Dien Chan tool reflexology and music therapy. They allow to holistically support the health of the body and spirit. Training sessions were held with outstanding teachers from Poland, New Zealand and Vietnam.

Treatments at the Nowa Ty office combine deep relaxation, emotional release and effective facial care. For years, the treatments have been used by clients whom Ms. Ewa Mateja met at the beginning of her career, as well as new ones who appreciate the holistic approach to a person.

  Kraków, ul. Kremerowska 2

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Contact details

Address: Kremerowska 2, 31-130 Kraków
entrance from Sobieskiego street
Phone: (+48) 501 347 353