Rossatore Resurfacing Cream

Smoothing night cream for sensitive and vascular skin


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Smoothing night cream for sensitive and vascular skin gently exfoliates dead skin, unclogs pores and reveals new, brightened skin better prepared to receive active ingredients.

Thanks to the low concentration of acids and the high pH of the cream, there is no irritation on the skin. The addition of azeloglycine reduces inflammation and reduces erythema. Shikimic acid optimizes sebum secretion, which guarantees a mattifying effect on the face.

After just a few uses, vascular skin is radiant, soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. The cream is quickly absorbed and leaves a velvety finish.

Capacity: 50 ml

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The smoothing face cream in its composition contains a proteolytic complex combined with azeloglycine and shikimic acid. This is the best combination in cosmetics for vascular skin.

Vascular skin is often reactive, bursting blood vessels are noticeable, erythema occurs. The feeling of burning and tightness affects daily functioning. Vascular skin requires specially selected care. Anti-aging cream allows you to comprehensively care for vascular skin. It reduces the formation of erythema and has an anti-aging effect.

Proteolytic complex reduces the formation of wrinkles and imperfections. Low concentrations of AHA acids, combined with the high pH of the cream, cause fine exfoliation of the epidermis. The elimination of imperfections and fine facial wrinkles is noticeable.

The smoothing cream also has an antioxidant effect, leveling the effect of pollution on the skin. It supports neutralization of free radicals and oxidative stress. These are factors responsible for faster aging of the skin.

Bromelain – a natural enzyme found in pineapple – has a soothing effect and promotes exfoliation. After using the cream, we get the effect of brightened and smoothed skin. In addition, the active ingredients make the skin more elastic.

The smoothing face cream makes vascular skin soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch.


The rossatore xpress line is a comprehensive cosmetics that help take care of vascular skin. Day and night products take care of broken capillaries, improve the appearance and condition of the skin. The line includes a strengthening day cream, a smoothing night cream and complementary care products: a scrub and a mask.

The products in their composition have active ingredients for vascular skin care. Already after several uses, a reduction in the intensity and surface of erythema is noticeable. The hyper-reactivity of the skin and spider veins is reduced. A decrease in the frequency of the appearance of erythema make the skin radiant, the color is evened out. The hydrolipidic layer of vascular skin is rebuilt. The night cream exfoliates dead skin, and active substances from other products can penetrate the skin faster and more effectively.

  • vascular skin, erythema, bursting blood vessels,
  • sensitive skin, with changes of the nature of rosacea,
  • reactive skin, allergic, prone to irritation,
  • anti-wrinkle effect, elimination of fine lines.

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