Cream that accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis


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S.O.S. cream protects epidermal cells from excessive dehydration and irritation. It can be caused by the process of controlled exfoliation, aesthetic medicine treatments or overexposure to the sun. It hydrates dry skin, increases the strength and elasticity of the weakened epidermal barrier. The nourishing cream helps to rebuild the hydrolipid barrier and take care of irritated skin on many levels – regenerate and nourish it.

The cream has a light, non-greasy texture, which is instantly absorbed. It does not leave an unpleasant sticky feeling or residue on the skin. It can be used as a makeup base for day and night.

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The nourishing S.O.S. cream is ideal for the daily care of dehydrated and irritated faces. It contains advanced active ingredients that stimulate the skin’s natural regenerative processes and eliminate the symptoms of dehydration. They enhance the skin’s ability to repair damage, restoring its elasticity and firmness.

Skin after aesthetic procedures is usually more susceptible to harmful environmental factors. The cream acts as a protective barrier, protecting the skin from irritation, pollution and other factors that can delay the healing process. The cream reduces the burning sensation, dehydration and inflammation that occur after aesthetic procedures.

Overexposure to the sun and other external factors also causes irritation on the face. Feelings of dryness, inflammation, and chapping are inherent in prolonged sunbathing. The hydrolipid barrier is damaged. The cream acts instantly, bringing relief and restoring comfort after prolonged sun exposure. The regenerating protective cream rebuilds the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier and gives an immediate feeling of relief to irritated skin.

Daily facial care with a cream that rebuilds the hydrolipidic barrier gives only benefits to the skin. It allows you to take care of your face at the highest level. The skin regains a radiant and healthy appearance.

The cream’s formulation includes extracts of resurrection plants, Boswellia Serrata, trehalose and panthenol. These ingredients help repair and rebuild the hydrolipid barrier. They minimize the negative effects of skin irritation on the face, i.e. dehydrated skin, inflammation.

The cream can be used for day and night or supportively during the day.


Daily care of the face irritated by the S.O.S. product promotes the regeneration of the epidermis. The skin is calmed, the activity of irritation is reduced. The regenerating protective cream strengthens the immunity of the skin and prevents irritation under harsh conditions, such as exposure to UV radiation, strong wind, frost, excessive heat. The hydrolipid barrier, which is responsible for proper skin hydration, is rebuilt. The cream soothes irritation, smooths the epidermis and eliminates redness.

The irritation cream contains Boswellia serrate. Boswellia serrata is an Indian frankincense whose fruit has anti-inflammatory properties, confirmed by numerous clinical studies. The Indian plant Boswellia serrata has been used successfully in Ayurveda for several hundred years. Boswellic acids exhibit strong anti-inflammatory effects, promote skin regeneration and accelerate the recovery of damaged epidermis. They inhibit inflammation caused by adverse external and internal conditions.

  • skin irritated by overexposure to UV,
  • skin after aesthetic medicine and cosmetology procedures,
  • skin irritated by external factors,
  • dehydrated skin, damaged hydrolipid barrier.

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