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Purifying treatment for skin with imperfections for use all year round


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The combination of mandelic acid cream and glycolic acid cream is an ideal solution for those struggling with skin imperfections and excessive sebum secretion. It will work well for those who want to act anti-aging and prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles. Cleansing products are a comprehensive complement to skin care. Properly cleansed and prepared skin allows deep penetration of active ingredients.

Moisturizing Day Cream with Mandelic Acid is designed for daily use. Thanks to the content of mandelic acid, it smooths the skin, reduces the appearance of pores, levels discoloration, and harmonizes skin tone. In addition, it reduces skin lesions and blemishes on the face, forehead and cheeks, giving the skin a radiant appearance.

The night cream was created to restore your skin’s youth and radiance. Thanks to its glycolic acid content, it effectively prevents wrinkles, improves the oval of the face and restores its elasticity. Using this cream, your skin will look younger and healthier.

The facial care set is an ideal gift idea for a loved one. The skin care kit is designed to care for the skin of men and women. The acid cosmetics are quickly absorbed and leave a velvety finish.

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The Zaffiro facial care kit is the perfect solution for those who want to achieve quick results in skin care. Improvements in skin quality are visible after just a few days of regular use of these products. The kit is a comprehensive day and night treatment. The creams do not cause the appearance of irritation.

Mandelic acid day cream is ideal for acne-prone skin. It smooths, reduces the appearance of pores and regulates sebum secretion, while intensively moisturizing the skin. Hydratore day cream is recommended especially for young people with combination or oily skin, as well as those who struggle with acne in adulthood and other skin imperfections.

Novo night cream stimulates the deeper layers of the epidermis, increasing the production of collagen and elastin. It effectively prevents the formation of various types of wrinkles on the face. Effectively counteracts skin aging, significantly improves the appearance of the skin, its firmness and elasticity.

The facial cleansing gel thoroughly removes excess sebum, which is often the source of skin problems. Excess sebum can result in clogged pores and promotes the formation of imperfections such as blackheads. Therefore, regular use of facial cleansers is extremely important and contributes to improving the overall condition of our skin.


The active ingredients in the set of cosmetics are selected to effectively counteract imperfections and fight the first signs of skin aging. The creams will work well for oily skin prone to imperfections and blemishes on the cheeks and forehead. They can also be used on skins with signs of aging, i.e. various types of wrinkles, disturbed facial oval and crow’s feet.

Moisturizing cream with mandelic acid is dedicated to skin with imperfections. They effectively reduce blackheads on the face and body, narrow skin pores and help eliminate pimples. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

Mandelic acid regulates the skin’s cell renewal process. By gently exfoliating the epidermis, it improves the texture and even skin tone. It exhibits anti-wrinkle, anti-bacterial effects. Soothes inflammation, often occurring with acne vulgaris. Moisturizing cream with mandelic acid has a gentle action, does not cause irritation.

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) with a small molecular structure. It exhibits a remarkable ability to penetrate deep into the skin and provides a rapid rejuvenating effect. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and minimizes the appearance of discoloration and skin lesions. In cosmetics, glycolic acid stimulates gentle exfoliation of the epidermis by dissolving the intercellular bonds of the skin. Night creams with glycolic acid are especially recommended for people with dry, dull, lackluster skin and signs of aging.

Cosmetics with acid have a properly reduced pH. The proper pH of an acid cream affects its effect. This affects the effectiveness of the treatment and will improve the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. The creams do not cause irritation and excessive skin tenderness. They respond to the needs of delicate skin.

  • oily and acne-prone skin with a tendency to localized dryness,
  • hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, imperfections,
  • adult acne,
  • gray and tired skin, with signs of photoaging,
  • signs of skin aging, various types of wrinkles, i.e. furrows, lion’s wrinkle
  • the need to improve skin density,
  • wrinkle reduction.

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