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dottore cosmeceutici - medicine for beauty

dottore cosmeceutici is the first Polish brand of cosmeceuticals derived from aesthetic medicine.

Created in 2013, it quickly conquered the cosmetics market in Poland. In addition to Poland, dottore cosmeceutici products also reach other countries in Europe. All production takes place in Poland, based on unique formulas and carefully selected active ingredients and raw materials from around the world.

Mission: medicine for beauty – providing skin care products of the highest quality and highest effectiveness.
Vision: to become a leading and recognizable Polish manufacturer of cosmeceuticals with unique compositions on the professional cosmetics market, implementing the policy of fulfilled promises.
Values: respect, truth, responsibility.

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O marce dottore


The brand name dottore cosmeceutici comes from the Italian word dottore, which means teacher, doctor, scholar, erudite.

Some of the pioneers with invaluable contributions to the emergence and development of aesthetic medicine were the Italians.
The name is a way of honoring the roots of aesthetic medicine.


The idea of a cosmetic brand that combines scientific expertise, in-office treatments and home care matured in the mind of Dr. Waldemar Jankowiak back in the early 2000s. Dr. Waldemar Jankowiak, UIME aesthetic physician, surgical specialist, president of the Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (PTMEiAA), founded the Body Aesthetics Clinic in Poznań in 2000. In 2012, he began working on his first products, achieving the highest possible concentration of active ingredients. Production and sales of the first home and professional care creams began in 2013.

Dr waldemar jankowiak

Dottore technologies

Dottore cosmeceutici products are not only care, but above all the therapeutic properties of the products, complementing medical treatments. Dr. Jankowiak’s constant supervision over the development of the product portfolio, proprietary formulas, research-documented effects of active ingredients, strict control of production conditions under the supervision of master pharmacists and doctors, and active marketing and PR activities make the brand stand out in its category compared to other products.

All creams of dottore’s therapeutic home care lines are packaged in handy and practical airless packaging. This is the most hygienic type of packaging, which allows you to use the cosmetic to the end. It also guarantees microbiological purity, constant concentration and protection of the cosmetic’s active ingredients.

The dottore cosmeceutici brand is a family-owned company that produces cosmetics for professional and home care, based on unique formulas. The products are currently in aesthetic medicine clinics, SPA centers, beauty salons and homes in Poland and Europe.


Strict control of production conditions


Aesthetic and safe airless packaging


Aesthetic medicine clinics and beauty salons


Unique recipes


For whom?

In creating each formula, dottore cosmeceutici’s priority is the highest quality, predictable performance and high tolerance of the products.

Therefore, all cosmeceuticals contain only what is necessary for proper and desired action. Dottore cosmeceutici products are designed for discerning customers for whom taking care of their appearance is natural and necessary. They are an uncompromising solution for people looking for completely non-invasive, yet effective ways to address the passing of time and their skin’s problems.


Confirmation of the quality and popularity of dottore cosmeceutici cosmetics is provided by 17 prestigious industry awards granted since 2015 (including the LNE Congress, Beauty Forum& SPA Fair, awards given by ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines).