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Cosmetics and Creams for Wrinkles. As the body ages, wrinkles and furrows appear on the face, and the skin loses its elasticity and radiance. To maintain a youthful appearance for longer, it is important to remember daily skincare. A properly chosen wrinkle cream will smooth the skin, reduce furrows, and make the face look younger. Wrinkle Reduction. Anti-wrinkle treatment should be tailored to the type and needs of the skin. Dottore offers wrinkle creams designed for dry, combination, sensitive, or vascular skin. A light consistency, a carefully selected composition, including ingredients such as vitamin C, ectoine, glycolic acid, jojoba oil, avocado oil, retinol, ecoRetinol, and formulations developed by specialists, guarantee a visible improvement in the skin’s condition. Happy shopping!

Wrinkle Creams – Glycolic Acid

When choosing an anti-wrinkle cream, it’s worth focusing on the ingredients. One of the essential substances used in anti-aging treatments is glycolic acid. This acid penetrates deep layers of the skin, resulting in the reconstruction of elastic fibers and a visible improvement in skin elasticity. The effects of the acid include wrinkle reduction, scar reduction, and evening out skin tone.

Wrinkle Creams – What Should Be in the Formula?

What other substances should be in a wrinkle cream? Cosmeceuticals containing peptides and phytohormones are an excellent choice. Phytohormones are plant hormones produced in shoots and roots. How do they work? Primarily, they improve skin tone and firmness, contributing to a younger and more attractive appearance. A cream with phytohormones will be an excellent choice for women in menopause. Another ingredient is peptides. Peptides stimulate collagen production, thereby improving skin firmness and elasticity.

Good Cream for Wrinkles

Dottore’s wrinkle cream is a solution for aging skin problems! Its unique formula moisturizes and tightens the skin, restoring its youthful appearance. Say goodbye to those troublesome wrinkles and welcome smooth, soft skin!

Excellent Product for Forehead Wrinkles

This extraordinary new formula has been specially developed to reduce the visibility of wrinkles on the forehead. It deeply moisturizes the skin while providing a tightening effect, making the skin smoother and younger-looking.