Cleansing and moisturizing treatment

Purifying and moisturizing treatment for dry and dehydrated skins

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A set of cosmetics for comprehensive care of dehydrated skin and skin in need of deep hydration. Moisturizing day face cream is recommended for people with dehydrated and dry skin. Rejuvenating night cream stimulates skin regeneration, improves its firmness and elasticity.

Cosmetics for makeup removal and facial skin cleansing will effectively remove sebum, impurities and makeup residues on the face.

The set of cosmetics is an ideal gift idea for a loved one.

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The intensive moisturizing face cream stimulates the skin on many levels. Thanks to liposome technology, the active ingredients reach deeper into the structures of the epidermis and restore its balance. Closed in liposomes, glacial water intensively moisturizes, stimulates the sebaceous glands and improves skin function. The cream prevents TEWL and rebuilds the hydrolipid barrier.

The rejuvenating night face cream stimulates the deeper layers of the skin, increases the production of collagen and elastin. It regenerates the skin, improves its texture and reduces discoloration. Glycolic acid regulates the thickness of the dead epidermis, allowing active ingredients to penetrate more easily. Depending on the needs of the skin, we can use the rejuvenating cream daily or several times a week.

The combination of moisturizer and rejuvenating cream effectively moisturizes and After just a few uses, the skin is rejuvenated, smooth and supple. A reduction in imperfections and normalization of sebum secretion is noticeable. The color is evened out, the skin is full of radiance.

Daily facial cleansing is a key element of effective skin care. Micellar makeup remover and facial cleansing gel cleanse the skin pores, prevent the formation of blackheads and restore the balance of the hydrolipid barrier in the epidermis.

The cosmetics are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


Cleansing is the basis of skin care. With proper skin preparation, the active ingredients in creams penetrate more deeply and work more effectively. Effective facial cleansing is the key to success in comprehensive skin care at home.

In addition, multi-level stimulation of skin hydration will moisturize even the driest skin. Moisturizing day face cream will restore the balance in the epidermis. After just a few applications, an improvement in skin hydration and elasticity is noticeable. The moisturizing face cream is quickly absorbed, leaving a feeling of hydration and a light film on the facial skin. The feeling of irritation disappears.

If you do not regularly remove excess dead skin, the thickness of the horny layer of the skin increases. As a result, the effectiveness of the skin care products used decreases. This is because the active ingredients contained in them (such as moisturizers, antioxidants) can not effectively penetrate the skin. Thanks to the concentrated content of glycolic acid in the night cream, the structure of the skin is improved. The tone is evened out, discoloration is reduced, the skin is radiant and luminous.

  • makeup removal and skin cleansing of impurities,
  • dry, overdried and dehydrated skin,
  • the need to strengthen and rebuild the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin.
  • gray and tired skin, with symptoms of photoaging,
  • uneven skin tone,
  • improvement of skin density,
  • reduction of wrinkles.

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