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Vitamin bomb

Vitamin C is an active ingredient with comprehensive beneficial effects. This powerful antioxidant is found in the C-flush line under the form of ascorbyl glucoside. The stable form of the substance provides maximum intensive skin care effects without irritation. Anti-wrinkle day cream, vitamin C serum and professional beauty treatment make the skin look younger. It is smoothed, nourished, regenerated and full of radiance. The color is evened out and discoloration is reduced.

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Indications and effects

Deficiency of vitamin C in the body reveals itself very quickly in the appearance of the skin, regardless of its type. The complexion loses its glow, the tone becomes uneven. Discoloration and dark circles under the eyes develop. Aging processes become apparent in the form of wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. There is an emerging need for skin nourishment, regeneration and anti-aging action.

Taking vitamin C with food is essential, but it causes a slight increase in its concentration in the skin. This is because the skin is the last to absorb valuable substances and the first to give up its reserves. For this reason, the use of good cosmetics containing vitamin C proves to be most effective.

Skin care with cosmetics from the C-flush line makes:

  • wrinkles are made shallower;
  • hyperpigmentation is reduced and skin tone is evened out;
  • the complexion becomes firm, nourished and radiant;
  • there is an improvement in the elasticity of the epidermis;
  • the formation of the first wrinkles is delayed;
  • excess free radicals are neutralized;
  • the skin is protected from the harmful effects of the environment.

The anti-wrinkle cream, facial serum and C-flush treatment are for those with dry, combination, sensitive and vascular skin.

Meet cosmetics with vitamin C

C-flush cream RICH – is a day cream with vitamin C with a nourishing and anti-wrinkle effect. The cosmetic has an extremely rich formulation – active ingredients are as much as 30% of the composition. Nourishing the skin and reducing wrinkles are not the only tasks of this face cream. Due to the presence of vitamin C, the cosmetic has antioxidant properties. Counteracts the negative effects of environmental factors. In addition, the DNA protection complex included in the formulation strengthens the hydrolipid barrier and supports the regeneration process of the epidermis. The cosmetic also alleviates the adverse effects of temperature changes. The vitamin C cream is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy finish.

C-flush serum – complement the care with an anti-wrinkle cream from the C-flush line. Vitamin C serum is a concentrated, precision-acting cosmetic. It contains as much as 6% of vitamins in the stable form of ascorbyl glucoside. Enhances the care effects of the cream to face – and more. Soothes and calms the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and accelerates the skin regeneration. It significantly contributes to slowing down the aging process. The active ingredients of the vitamin C serum are released gradually. Thanks to this formula the concentration of the vitamin is constant, and the skin has antioxidant protection throughout the day.

Brightening and anti-wrinkle treatment

C-flush radiance – a professional cosmetic treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. This is an effective brightening and anti-wrinkle treatment. It brightens and evens out skin tone, stimulates the skin to regenerate and rebuild. It accelerates collagen synthesis and strengthens blood vessels. The modern treatment procedure guarantees the highest stability and maximum effect of vitamin C. Active vitamin C is delivered deep into the skin by means of sonophoresis or iontophoresis.

Vitamin C - anti-aging, antioxidation and more

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a substance that is essential for keeping the entire body in good shape. It is also crucial for the skin. Care with a vitamin C cream and a complementary vitamin C serum is an excellent method of nourishing the skin, fighting free radicals and having an anti-aging effect. This all-beneficial active ingredient used in cosmetics shows the following properties: brightening, antioxidant, regenerating, rejuvenating, strengthening, soothing, anti-inflammatory, sealing blood vessels, indirectly moisturizing and smoothing.Facial care with products from the C-flush line is based on the action of vitamin C in the form of ascorbyl glucoside. This applies to all components of the line: anti-wrinkle day cream, facial serum and anti-wrinkle brightening treatment. This form of the active ingredient affects the condition of the skin with maximum benefit. At the same time, it does not cause irritation. It is highly bioavailable and active. It allows the active vitamin C concentration in the skin cell to remain constant.

Other active ingredients


Kompleks ochrony DNA

Kompozycja oleju z awokado, oleju jojoba i masła Shea. Jest zawarta w kremie przeciwzmarszczkowym C-flush cream RICH. Kompleks tych cennych składników zapewnia efekt nawilżenia, odżywienia i regeneracji cery. Chroni skórę przed nadmierną utratą wody i przed podrażnieniami.



Zapobiega odwodnieniu skóry. Obejmuje skórę ochroną przed szkodliwym wpływem czynników środowiskowych, takich jak promieniowanie UV, zmiany temperatury, zanieczyszczenia atmosferyczne. Znajduje się w składzie C-flush cream RICH – kremu z witaminą C.



Składnik o właściwościach łagodzących i kojących. Pobudza także syntezę kolagenu, przyczyniając się do poprawy elastyczności skóry. Wchodzi w skład receptury serum z witaminą C.

Olej arganowy

Oleje roślinne

Zawarte w składzie serum z witaminą C substancje wspomagające redukcję zmarszczek. Poprawiają elastyczność naskórka i pobudzają procesy regeneracji. Spowalniają procesy starzenia, wykazują działanie anti-aging.