Sensitore line

Basis of care

Facial cleansing is the basis of daily skin care. Thorough removal of impurities, excess sebum and makeup residue keeps the skin in good condition. A morning and evening ritual of precise washing, makeup removal and toning unclogs pores and restores the skin’s natural pH. This prevents the formation of imperfections and improves the assimilation of active ingredients.

The sensitore line consists of a facial cleansing gel, a soothing toner, and a milk and micellar makeup remover. These cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. They even remove waterproof makeup. While cleansing the skin, they also provide it with valuable soothing and revitalizing substances. They do not cause irritation and are tailored to the needs of sensitive skin. Each sensitore formulation contains more than 95% ingredients of natural origin. The gel, milk and micellar lotion are hypoallergenic products.

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Cleansing in harmony with nature

The formulas of the sensitore line of cosmetics have been developed with the utmost care. Effective action is accompanied by a maximum content of ingredients of natural origin.

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Sensitore - for whom?

Products from the sensitore line are designed for all skin types. They can be used for oily, dry, combination, sensitive, vascular, dehydrated skin. They are ideal for both men and women. Daily facial cleansing at home is the first and essential step in skin care for people of all ages. All sensitore cosmetics will also work well for teenagers and people with mature skin.

Choose a facial cleansing gel, skin micellar lotion, makeup remover and facial toner, if you wish:

  • gently and deeply cleanse the skin of impurities, sweat, excess sebum and dead skin cells;
  • perform effective makeup removal that cares for facial skin;
  • improve the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients from other cosmetics;
  • prevent irritation of the epidermis;
  • take care of the correct pH and hydration level of the skin;
  • counteract the accumulation of excess sebum on the face;
  • prevent the blockage of pores and the formation of blackheads and pimples.

Effective facial cleansing

An essential component of the skin’s hydrolipid barrier is sebum, also known as skin sebum. It is a mixture of lipids, produced by the sebaceous glands. Adequate sebum levels protect the facial skin from drying out and protect it from external influences. However, excess sebum is bad for the skin. It makes the pores of the skin clogged. Excess skin sebum combines with impurities, sweat and makeup residue. As a result, the complexion becomes an environment conducive to bacterial growth. Blackheads, inflammation and even more serious and permanent imperfections appear.

To avoid this, cleanse your face thoroughly every morning and evening. Sensitore products will help remove excess sebum, sweat, makeup, pollution and dead skin cells. This gets rid of the breeding ground for bacteria, accumulated on the skin during the day and night. In addition, the use of a tonic will help restore the skin’s normal pH and improve the absorption of active ingredients from other cosmetics.

In addition to cleansing ingredients, each product in the sensitore line also contains valuable care additives. In this way, each ritual of removing makeup and washing the face is at the same time a step towards improving the condition of the skin. Regular facial cleansing also has the benefit of slowing down the aging process – regardless of skin type.

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Enrichment ingredients

Makeup removal and skin cleansing products from the sensitore line are rich in additional skin care ingredients.

The aloe vera leaf juice contained in the tonic has strong moisturizing, softening and antioxidant effects. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it speeds up the healing process. The addition of betaine (also included in the makeup remover) has a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin. It acts deeply – protects cell membranes.

Sensitore aqua sensitive micellar lotion contains cucumber extract, which soothes, revitalizes and refreshes the complexion. It also has a smoothing effect. It interacts with d-panthenol, a substance with regenerative and irritation-soothing properties. The recipe is also enriched with olive oil. This ingredient softens and lubricates the skin and restores the normal composition of sebum.

The facial cleansing gel protects the skin from free radicals thanks to acai fruit extract. This antioxidant further reduces the skin’s hypersensitivity to external factors. It improves the condition of the skin, restoring its healthy and radiant appearance. In turn, the second enriching ingredient – ginseng extract – has a regenerative and rejuvenating effect. It improves blood circulation in the skin, stimulates its renewal and restores its state of balance.

The makeup remover milk contains Sacha Inchi seed oil. This ingredient has a strong nutritional effect. It visibly moisturizes and regenerates dry skin and counteracts free radicals. It has a smoothing effect on the skin and soothes irritation. Sweet almond oil interacts with Sacha Inchi seed oil. It is rich in fatty acids, proteins, mineral salts, B vitamins and vitamin A, D and E. It is easily digested. It exhibits strong moisturizing and smoothing properties.