Rossatore line

Complete care

Sensitive vascular and rosacea skin requires delicate, precise care. That’s why the rossatore line is based on a combination of adaptogens, a revitalizing complex and soothing ingredients. This allows to achieve a spectacular effect of reducing erythema and inflammation without irritating the skin. With rossatore xpress treatment and home care, redness on the face is reduced. The visibility of telangiectasias and symptoms of rosacea are significantly reduced. Blood vessels are strengthened, more resistant to external and internal factors. The complexion is left perfectly nourished.

Comprehensive care for vascular skin involves combining a series of rossatore xpress treatments with regular use of rossatore day cream, night cream, scrub and rossatore mask.

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The rossatore line is designed for people with vascular, sensitive skin and a tendency to rosacea. The main care indications include:

  • skin reactivity – recurrent redness on the face, increasing under the influence of temperature, emotion, stress, exertion;
  • fixed erythema – strong, constantly occurring redness;
  • telangiectasias – dilated blood vessels visible shallowly under the skin;
  • acne rosacea – a chronic skin condition accompanied by inflammatory changes, pustules and papules within the erythema and telangiectasia;
  • high skin sensitivity, astringent and burning sensation.

Cosmetic treatment for vascular and rosacea-prone skin

Rossatore xpress reduces skin hyper-reactivity. At the same time, it improves its color and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It rebuilds the damaged hydrolipid barrier, making blood vessels less fragile. Redness on the face is reduced, and the symptoms of rosacea are alleviated.

The procedure is performed exclusively in a cosmetic surgery. After a thorough cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté, a strengthening scrub is applied to the skin. The product stimulates the production of ceramides, makes the skin more elastic, evens out skin tone and increases the penetration of active ingredients. An adaptogenic serum with Chinese citronella and niacinamide is then applied. It has anti-scratch, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, it moisturizes, neutralizes free radicals and soothes irritation. The next step is an anti-inflammatory mask that promotes the reduction of rosacea-like skin lesions. The treatment treatment is finished with a nourishing calming cream.

The treatment can be performed regardless of the season. The best results are achieved in combination with systematic home care with cosmetics from the rossatore line. After a series of treatments, erythema is reduced, blood vessels are strengthened, and inflammatory lesions are significantly muted.

Adaptogens and other active ingredients

Adaptogens are plant substances that affect the body’s resilience to harmful external factors. Adaptogenic plants are those that have a normalizing effect on the human body. They do not block its normal functions and do not cause overstimulation. They act as antioxidants, stimulate the immune system and memory processes. Adaptogenic plants improve concentration, mood and well-being. They are also used in cosmetics as substances that increase vascular resistance and promote the reduction of redness on the face. They are ingredients in cosmeceuticals that support the treatment of rosacea.

Adaptogens include ginseng, rhodiola rosea and Chinese citronella, among others. The latter is an essential ingredient in rossatore cosmetics.

Cytryniec chinski

Cytryniec chiński

Adaptogen bogaty w witaminy i minerały. Zwiększa zdolności przystosowawcze skóry. Jest silnym środkiem przeciwzapalnym. Redukuje zaczerwienienie na twarzy, wyrównuje koloryt skóry. Uelastycznia włókna białkowe. Zapobiega czopowaniu ujść gruczołów łojowych. Działa silnie odżywczo.

Kompleks prorewitalizujacy

Kompleks prorewitalizujący

Kompozycja kwasów owocowych, powodująca delikatne, drobnopłatkowe złuszczanie. Nie powoduje podrażnień.

Nawilzajacy film molekularny

Nawilżający film molekularny

Właściwości złuszczające łączy z nawilżaniem i odżywianiem skóry. Odbudowuje barierę hydrolipidową. Zapobiega przeznaskórkowej utracie wody, zmniejsza kruchość naczynek.

Kwas szikimowy

Kwas szikimowy

Wykazuje właściwości przeciwzapalne, zwęża ujścia gruczołów łojowych, ma wpływ na regulację wydzielania sebum. Poprawia stan bariery hydrolipidowej. Przeciwdziała przebarwieniom, opóźnia procesy starzenia skóry.