Rossatore Cream Blur Effect

Cream for vascular skin and with a tendency to rosacea


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The rossatore cream blur effect uses the adaptogenic properties of Chinese citronella. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces skin redness, and has a powerful nourishing and moisturizing effect. It restores skin balance and minimizes the causes of rosacea.

The cream for vascular and sensitive skin was created for delicate skin prone to irritation and broken capillaries. The cream soothes irritation, reduces redness, strengthens capillaries. It reduces the visibility of skin changes characteristic of rosacea, i.e. telangiectasias.
The cream’s formula is based on effective concentrations of adaptogens and substances of plant origin. The cream contains extracts of Chinese citronella, azeloglycine, niacinamide, Centella Asiatica and white mulberry.

The action of the active substances is supported by the applied blur technology, which disperses light. Thanks to it, already after the first application the capillaries become less visible and the skin has a more uniform color.

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Vascular skin is easily reddened and irritated.

The most common symptoms of rosacea and reactive skin are telangiectasias, erythema, papules and pustules, as well as burning and itching sensations. This is a skin condition that we cannot cure with cosmetics, but we can reduce the discomfort and improve the condition.

Regular use of the cream reduces skin reactivity and eliminates erythema. It has a brightening effect and improves skin tone. Active ingredients prevent dryness and TEWL. Active ingredients prevent excessive sebum secretion.

The cream also has a moisturizing function and rebuilds the hydrolipidic layer. This reduces skin irritation and reactivity. It becomes more resistant to the influence of irritants, i.e. active substances, sun, wind, frost.

The cream has a light, non-greasy texture. It is quickly absorbed and leaves a velvety finish. Use of the cream improves skin function, reduces allergy tendencies and restores balance in the epidermis.


The cosmetic line for vascular skin consists of 4 products. A nourishing and anti-inflammatory day cream and a night cream showing anti-wrinkle action. Complementary products are an enzyme peel and a mask that calms sensitive skin. Used comprehensively, they alleviate the symptoms of rosacea on the skin and restore its balance.

A reduction in the intensity and surface of skin redness is noticeable after just a few applications. Reduced skin hyper-reactivity and spider veins, a decrease in the frequency of the appearance of erythema give the effect of a more uniform skin tone. The hydrolipidic layer of vascular skin is rebuilt.

Vascular skin tends to be more sensitive to external factors, such as strong cosmetics, harsh cleansers, UV radiation or temperature changes. It is important to use substances that are gentle, non-allergenic and have quick skin care effects. Such compounds include adaptogens.

Adaptogenic plants have a normalizing effect on the human body, do not block its functions and do not cause overstimulation. These substances help to level stress in the body.

Vascular skin cosmetics with adaptogens alleviate the causes of rosacea and improve skin function. They restore its balance, improve its color, rebuild the hydrolipidic barrier.

Among the most popular adaptogens in vascular skin care are Chinese citronella, ginseng and rhodiola rosea.

  • vascular skin and skin with rosacea,
  • reactive skin,
  • shallowly vascularized skin, erythema, hyperpigmentation,
  • delicate skin, symptoms of rosacea, susceptibility to allergies,
  • irregular reticular hyperpigmentation,
  • telangiectasias – dilated blood vessels,
  • neurogenic (stress-induced) erythema and skin inflammation.

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