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Calming mask for sensitive and vascular skin


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The cream mask for skin with vascular problems shows a strong calming effect. It significantly reduces the visibility and intensity of telangiectasias and broken capillaries on the face. It evens out skin tone and makes the skin luminous and radiant. Reduces the appearance and frequency of erythema.

The composition of the mask includes adaptogenic ingredients, i.e. Chinese citronella, as well as shikimic acid and azeloglycine, which have anti-inflammatory effects.

Regular use of the face mask significantly improves the condition of vascular skin and helps reduce the causes of rosacea. Complementary product for home care treatment for skin with vascular problems, sensitive skin and symptoms of rosacea.

Capacity: 100 ml

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Calming face mask effectively cares for vascular and dilated skin. The recipe of the product is based on adaptogens – Chinese citron, which significantly levels the excessive reactivity of the skin and reduces irritation. In addition, the composition of the product was enriched with azeloglycine and shikimic acid.

After just a few uses, the condition of vascular skin is effectively improved. Papules and pimples are reduced, telangiectasias and broken capillaries on the face are minimized, and erythema is muted. Vascular skin is regenerated, tightened and nourished. The tone is evened out, the skin is luminous and radiant.

Chinese citronella is a powerful adaptogen. It reduces the symptoms of rosacea by equalizing the balance in the epidermis. Citronella fruit is rich in vitamins A, E, C and schisandrin – a substance that strengthens and tones skin with broken capillaries.


The care of vascular skin and skin with symptoms of rosacea is extremely demanding. Redness and erythema, broken capillaries, papules and pimples require appropriate skin care treatments to maintain the condition and state of the skin.

The rossatore line consists of 4 comprehensive products for the care of vascular skin. They show strong soothing and calming effects. They prevent erythema and redness and moisturize the skin. The nourishing day cream and smoothing night cream can be used all year round. The cream mask and enzyme scrub are complementary products for at-home skin care treatments.

Vascular skin care cosmetics with adaptogens alleviate the causes of rosacea, reduce the intensity and visibility of dilated capillaries. They restore skin balance and improve skin tone. Vascular skin is less reactive to sudden temperature changes and irritants.

  • vascular skin and with symptoms of rosacea,
  • increased skin reactivity,
  • shallowly vascularized skin, erythema, hyperpigmentation,
  • delicate skin prone to allergies,
  • telangiectasias – dilated blood vessels,
  • gray, tired and sallow skin.

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