Regenerative treatment

Set of cosmetics for the care of skin with signs of stress and aging

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The combination of cosmetics with vitamin C in the form of ascorbyl glucoside with active forms of retinol is one of the best in the treatment of aging skin. The active ingredients fight signs of stress and environmental pollution. They act as an invisible mask that delays skin aging and lightens discoloration. The cosmetics make the skin radiant.

C-flush cream RICH intensely nourishes, firms and tightens the skin. It improves its color and makes the skin full of radiance. It protects the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors. Cosmetic retino forte with retinol for night will make the skin younger, free of imperfections: wrinkles and furrows are smoothed, and the skin tone is unified and evened out.

The skin care set is an ideal gift idea for a loved one. The gift set is a product for skin care for women and men all year round. The creams are quickly absorbed and leave a non-greasy finish.

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The cosmetic set is a combination of the best anti-wrinkle and skin tone improving creams. The improvement in skin condition is noticeable after just a few uses. Cosmetics with vitamin C and cosmetics with retinol are the best anti-wrinkle creams for women and men.

Day cream with a stable form of vitamin C-ascorbyl glucoside lightens hyperpigmentation, evens out skin tone, adds radiance to the skin. Thanks to the high content of vegetable oils – avocado oil and jojoba oil, it intensively nourishes and has a regenerative effect on the skin. The cream protects the skin from adverse environmental factors.

The cream with retinol improves the overall condition of the facial skin. The skin tone is brightened and unified. It stimulates collagen production, so wrinkles and other signs of aging are smoothed and diminished. Discoloration is lightened, the skin is younger in appearance and free of imperfections.

The facial care kit also exhibits antioxidant effects. The products contain antioxidants in their composition, which prevent free radicals and the formation of oxidative stress in the skin.


Cosmetics with vitamin C are a mainstay of anti-aging care. They are the most common choice among people fighting signs of stress and environmental pollution. Vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant reduces the action of free radicals in the skin. The form of the vitamin – ascorbyl glucoside – used in the cream’s formula is stable and exhibits a broad spectrum of action. The effects of use are noticeable after just a few days.

Retinol is an ingredient readily used in the care of both skin with the first signs of aging and mature skin. Due to the properties of retinol, retino forte night cream improves skin firmness, smooths wrinkles, evens skin tone and regulates sebum secretion. The retino forte cream uses 2 different forms of vitamin A, which gives us a highly effective treatment. EcoRetinol is a botanical form of retinol. It shows an effect similar to it, but without the side effects, i.e. redness, burning and irritation of the skin.

The creams are great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The combination of these two key active ingredients is ideal for those who want to comprehensively care for the appearance of their skin. After treatment with the creams, the skin is firm, nourished and full of radiance. The color is evened out, the cellular renewal of the skin is stimulated. The skin is protected from the harmful effects of the environment.

The regenerative care kit is an ideal gift idea for a loved one.

  • fight against the signs of skin aging (wrinkles, loss of skin density and firmness, sun
  • damaged skin, disorders in the level of skin hydration),
  • skin requiring antioxidant protection, sun-damaged skin,
  • skin with imperfections,
  • uneven skin tone, facial discoloration,
  • gray and tired skin, devoid of radiance
  • skin with a tendency to acne lesions and excessive sebum production.

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