Intensive restorative night cream with 0.1% vitamin A


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Retinol night cream is one of the products of the restorative treatment. Creams for aging skin and skin with imperfections are based on the combined action of retinol and ecretinol with active antioxidants.

Night cream provides care for aging skin and skin with imperfections. The care effects are noticeable after just a few uses. The skin is younger, free of imperfections: wrinkles and furrows are smoothed, and the skin tone is unified and evened out. Cosmetics with retinol improve the texture of the skin. It is softer and more pleasant to the touch.

Retino anti-wrinkle night cream – this is recommended for people who have not used a retinol cream before, as well as those with sensitive skin.

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Reconstructive anti-aging night cream with retinol provides intensive care for aging and hyperpigmented skin. The cream with retinol significantly improves the condition of the skin. After just a few uses, the skin tone is brightened and unified. Cosmetics with retinol stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, so wrinkles are smoothed and shallowed. Pigmented skin is younger in appearance and free of imperfections.

The combination of two forms of retinol in the night cream makes the side effects of retinol cosmetics unnoticeable. There is no inflammation during the treatment, thus minimizing the risk of irritation and discoloration. The composition of the night face cream also includes potent antioxidants. They prevent the action of free radicals and the formation of oxidative stress in the skin.

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. It works at the cellular level to promote skin renewal. It stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and fine lines. It significantly improves skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles.


Retinol creams are a restorative treatment for aging skin and skin with imperfections. The treatment includes 2 anti-wrinkle face creams and 1 eye cream.

The retino cream is the first step of the night treatment. The cream is recommended for people who have not used a retinol cream before, as well as those with sensitive skin. It has lower concentrations of active ingredients and is a preparatory step before a stronger anti-aging treatment. It works well for dry, sensitive and combination skins. Retino forte cream is the second stage, for those with skin that is resistant and accustomed to retinol, combination and oily skin. Stronger concentrations of active ingredients give better results at the same time of application. The cream lightens hyperpigmentation no face. During application it is necessary to use a preventive cream with SPF 50 sunscreen. Complementing the treatment is retino eye cream under the eyes. Thanks to a unique combination of retinol and caffeine, it intensively stimulates the thin skin around the eyes for revitalizing processes.

One of the most effective anti-wrinkle substances for the face is retinol. It should be an integral component of anti-wrinkle creams for the face. In addition, it prevents the formation of hyperpigmentation.

EcoRetinol is a patented active ingredient in anti-aging and brightening cosmetics for hyperpigmentation. This ingredient shows effects similar to retinol, but without the unwanted side effects such as redness, burning and skin irritation. When used at the same time, they produce significant effects in anti-aging care: leveling wrinkles and stimulating collagen production, as well as brightening hyperpigmentation.

  • care for aging skin (first wrinkles, loss of skin density, elasticity and firmness, sun-damaged skin),
  • skin with imperfections,
  • uneven skin tone, facial discoloration,
  • gray and tired skin,
  • skin with a tendency to acne lesions and excessive sebum production.

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