Revitalizing treatment

Set of skin revitalizing cosmetics for the night


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The night cosmetic set is two creams that complement each other perfectly. Glycolic acid in novo forte cream will exfoliate dead skin, improve skin tone. Retinol in the retino cream, on the other hand, will make wrinkles smoothed and tone evened out. The skin will be soft and pleasant to the touch.

Daily application of the two night creams brings quick results. The skin care effects are noticeable after just a few uses. The skin is younger, free of imperfections. Wrinkles are smoothed, and facial discoloration and skin tone will be unified.

The antioxidant content in the composition of the creams shows antioxidant activity. A set of cosmetics for all skin types is an ideal gift idea for a loved one.

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Revitalizing Night Treatment is two anti-aging face creams.

Cosmetics with retinol provide intensive care for aging skin and skin with imperfections. They significantly improve the condition of the skin. They improve skin elasticity, reduce signs of aging, have a brightening effect on hyperpigmentation. Retinol cream reduces facial wrinkles and other deep wrinkles on the face.

Novo forte anti-wrinkle night cream with glycolic acid is a rejuvenating cream. It reduces skin discoloration and has an anti-aging effect. After just a few days, the skin regains its former radiance, signs of aging are eliminated. The night cream stimulates collagen production, increases skin elasticity and has an anti-aging effect.

Cosmetic with retinol retino is an effective night treatment. It unblocks the outlets of the sebaceous glands, so that blackheads do not form. The cream levels skin discoloration and spots of various origins.

Anti-wrinkle face creams are an ideal idea as a set of cosmetics for a gift for a loved one. The creams can be used by both women and men. The action and ingredients of the creams are properly selected for comprehensive care of different skin types. These are the best anti-wrinkle creams for the face. Thanks to the antioxidants in the composition, they will further protect the skin from free radicals.


The night facial care set is a combination of anti-aging glycolic acid cream and anti-aging retinol cream.

Glycolic acid cosmetics and retinol creams are ideal for those seeking effective anti-aging therapies and for skin with hyperpigmentation. Cosmetics for hyperpigmentation stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, increase collagen and elastin production. They regenerate the skin, improve its texture and color.

Cellular renewal is stimulated. The skin is softer and more elastic after just a few uses. Facial wrinkles and other deep wrinkles are smoothed and shallowed.
The combination of two forms of retinol in the anti-wrinkle night cream makes the effect noticeable after a few days. There is no increased epidermal tenderness or redness.

The composition of the cosmetics also includes ingredients with antioxidant and anti-aging properties. They prevent the action of free radicals and the formation of oxidative stress in the skin.

The revitalizing care set is an ideal gift idea for a loved one.

  • fight against signs of skin aging (wrinkles, loss of skin density and firmness, sun-damaged skin, disorders in the level of skin hydration),
  • gray, dull skin,
  • uneven skin tone, spots and discoloration of the skin,
  • skin with imperfections,
  • skin with a tendency to acne lesions and excessive sebum production.

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