Cosmetic band

A unique cosmetic band that will make it easier to perform home spa treatments


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The cosmetic headband is a specially designed product that will facilitate the performance of home spa treatments.

The delicate headband is designed to protect and support hair during beauty treatments and makeup. It is made of soft, elastic velour, so it easily adapts to the shape of the head.

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The hairband is designed to provide maximum comfort and effective protection of hair during hair care treatments in the comfort of the home bathroom.
The soft material and elasticity of the headband ensure comfortable wearing. The headband should not put pressure on the scalp or cause discomfort during prolonged use. It will protect your hair while you perform home facial care in your home bathroom.

You can use the headband to secure your scalp, ears and hair:

  • while relaxing in a warm bath,
  • while visiting a spa,
  • while doing makeup or makeup removal,
  • during home beauty treatments.

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  • protects hair: the headband prevents accidental tangling or soiling of hair when applying cosmetics to the face,
  • prevents contact with cosmetics: With the cosmetic headband, you avoid accidentally getting products in your hair, which can cause damage or oily hair,
  • keeps hair away from the face: The headband keeps hair away from the facial area, making it easier to apply cosmetics and ensuring hygiene,
  • makes eye makeup easier: For those who apply precise eye makeup, the headband is extremely helpful in keeping hair away from the periorbital area, making it easier to apply shadows and eyeliners,
  • protects against product loss: the headband helps minimize the loss of cosmetics that may remain on the hair instead of the skin,
  • aids hygiene: With a cosmetic headband, you avoid products getting into your hair, which can lead to oily hair and make it difficult to keep your hair clean,
  • creates a comfortable work zone: By keeping your hair away from your face, the headband creates a comfortable zone where you can work on makeup or skin care in peace,
  • improves overall appearance: Aesthetically pleasing cosmetic headbands can also be a decorative accessory when performing a skin care or makeup ritual,
  • facilitates skin cleansing: When you use facial cleansing products, the headband keeps hair away, making it easier to cleanse your skin thoroughly,

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