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Cotton face towel


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Cotton face towel is ideal for daily care and home spa treatments. It is made of the highest quality cotton. It is soft and gentle for facial skin.

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Facial skin is exposed to many mechanical and physical factors that irritate it. A cotton towel is an essential cosmetic accessory. It is used to dry the facial skin during daily care. The skin is properly prepared for the next skin care steps.

A separate face towel can significantly help care for skin with imperfections and improve its condition. The face towel should be changed daily. It is worth ensuring that you dry your skin with a dry and clean towel.

A face towel should be an essential accessory for your bathroom.

Cosmetic devices and accessories are a great gift idea. Our accessories will work well for performing beauty treatments at home.

  • facial cleansing: the towel can be used to gently cleanse facial skin of makeup residue, impurities and excess sebum,
  • removing skin care products: It can be used to remove masks, scrubs, toners and other skin care products from the face,
  • gentle drying: After washing the face with water or after applying skin care products, the towel can be used to gently dry the skin,
  • using warm compresses: It can be used as a compress with warm water on the face, which can help open pores and facilitate the cleansing process,
  • preparing the skin for treatments: Before applying a mask or other skin care treatments, a towel can help prepare the skin by removing impurities and excess oil,
  • using as a cooling compress: When a cool towel is applied to the face, irritation, puffiness or redness of the skin may be relieved,
  • facial massage: It can be used to gently massage the face, which can help improve blood circulation, muscle relaxation and absorption of skin care products.

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